Letters: Equal Should Mean Equal

Equal Should Mean Equal

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I just read in the Alibi that the City Council approved a resolution that requires companies seeking preferences in bidding on city contracts to show that they don’t pay men more than 7 percent more than they pay women. What??? Yes, I understand that this is better than was previously required, I just don’t understand how the city can say there is a pay equity requirement, when clearly the pay isn’t equitable. Why have a resolution about this at all? Why not require them to show they pay equally? This would truly be a win for women and would prove that the City Council is about equality for all. I’m disappointed, no, I was actually quite upset when I read this. I just can’t believe in this day and age the City Council can say, yes, it’s ok to pay women less. Come on City Council, stand up and put yourself on the line, try to be a first, to give contracts only to companies who can show they pay equally.

Letters: Can The Republican Party Survive Itself? Can The Republican Party Survive Itself?

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give them power.” This is an apt quote as our country is about to enter its sixth [10th as of publication date] week of Republican rule. Like little children tearing into Christmas wrappings, the Republicans gleefully bask in their newfound power, eager to unwrap the social fabric upon which our founding fathers built our country. They are particularly eager to dismantle the legacy of President Obama, their current leader’s Democratic predecessor, in a slash and burn approach that leaves nothing untouched by their greedy hands.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the programs they seek to cut and eliminate benefit their Republican constituents and the people of our country. Instead, the Republicans are determined to exercise their power, no matter the consequences. They retreat to their towers of power and avoid town hall meetings and the taunts of their angry constituents, who are sending out a general alarm to cardboard cutouts of the Republican officials they elected.

Too afraid to show their faces, they continue on their reckless course, leaving a path of lonely children, scared people and cash-strapped states in their wake. Still, we can hope that the ruling Republicans will come to their senses; that they will wake up and see what already makes America great; that they will protect it and expand upon it.

The case I’m speaking of, in particular, is the fundamental human right to health care, regardless of income, race or religion. I’m speaking of the Affordable Care Act, the ACA, Obamacare, which is still in play. I’m speaking of the 20 million Americans who now have access to health care, who have insurance, who now have the means to visit a doctor. I’m talking about millions of Americans who can now obtain their medications, whether their meds are psychotropic, HIV or diabetic medications, contraceptives or hormone treatments. I’m speaking of our LGBTQ community who no longer face discrimination in our hospitals and out-patient facilities thanks to the HHS Office for Civil Rights and their final rule related to Section 1557 of the ACA, the non-discrimination provision published in May 2016.

I’m talking about we the people for the people. I’m talking about holding our elected officials to their job of serving us, the people. I’m speaking of human rights, doing what’s right for the people.

Are the Republicans now ruling our country up to the task? That indeed is the $20 million dollar question. Will the Republicans be corrupted and destroyed by the power they so eagerly sought, or will they pause for a moment, reassess their priorities and do what is right for their country,
our country? I hope they will choose the latter. For as Martin Luther King, Jr, said, “The time is always ripe to do right.”

Letters: Protest The Republican Health-Care Bill Protest The Republican Health-Care Bill

The congressional Republican health-care plan will be a disaster for working families. Their plan will take health care away from 24 million people across the country and impose painful taxes on working people.

Letters: Repealing The Affordable Care Act Repealing The Affordable Care Act

Healthcare is a necessity in this country! Granted, the ACA is not perfect, but a lot of what was good about it was gutted before the Republicans agreed to pass the law in the first place. It could certainly stand to be improved, but throwing 24 million people off it for “Trumpcare” which covers way less and may not be instituted for years is “cruel and unusual punishment.” This repeal would definitely be the “death panel” that so many were afraid of. It will tax our ERs and medical providers and reduce productivity, in addition to the fact that the elderly and poor will be effected more than anyone else. Trump obviously does not care about these people or any others, as money and profit for the wealthy seem to be his primary focus. Destroying health care for so many is the opposite of “making America great again”! Quite the opposite! The US is one of the few developed nations to not have government-provided health care, and the ACA needs to stay intact and then improved … not gutted! Have some compassion, and take responsibility for the people who need this program the most by leaving it in place!

Letters: A Better Healthcare Payment System A Better Healthcare Payment System

It’s strange that a five second sound bite, “I will kill Obamacare” can drive national policies. Finally President Trump admits, “Health care is complicated.” So GOP members contort themselves to make magic happen, so far unsuccessfully. They dispute the CBO’s numbers because they’re not happily magical. Why doesn’t the public have whatever health plan Congress has? If it’s good enough for Congress, we in the public could live with it. In 2010 T.R. Reid wrote a best seller called The Healing of America, one would expect that members of Congress or their staffs had read the book. Reid experiences health services around the world and makes a good case for systems broadly of a “Single Payer” type. Collectively they have better health outcomes at lower per capita costs than our often contorted amalgamation of insurance payment and service provider entities. Oh well, as long as ideology dominates common sense and probity Congress and the mercurial Donald must do their thing. It’s a shame that the public and our political leaders appear to be growing more and more estranged. Maybe the insurance company lobbyists have something to do with that. Nah, no way.

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