Letters: First Control The Media

First Control The Media

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The most dangerous threat to our free society is a system of communication—media—which is clearly biased.

Once media has become the mouthpiece of one ideology, one political faction, there is no way we can know the truth. We are then bombarded with propaganda, a distortion of facts designed to lead us to a conclusion which in no way represents the truth.

If you are constantly hearing, seeing and reading these half-truths (sometimes not even half), you have to wonder why someone is afraid for us to know what is really going on.

The way most dictators take control of a country is by first controlling the media and thereby inundating the people with their lies and distortions.

If we want to maintain our freedoms as established by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we must recognize what has happened to our free and independent press and make it our first order of business to seek the truth.

A media which is no longer truly independent is a huge red flag—and it is waving in our faces.

Letters: The Gift Of Art (Not Art) The Gift Of Art (Not Art)

I enjoyed reading your retrospective of the arts offerings in 2017. You truly have the gift of words. Your piece emphasized that the arts enrich our lives, expand our horizons and take us to places we cannot imagine. It should be noted that many performances and exhibits are free, so everyone can experience the magic.

By the way, when you grow old, you won’t always be "speaking about life more in the past tense." Yes, you will reflect back on things you have done. But I know, Sweet Maggie, that you will always have art in your life, and you will continue to make memories.

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