Letters: Franz Huning’s Honor, Not Mexicans, Go Heinrich

Defending Franz Huning’s Honor

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[Letters, “Huning Highlands vs. EDo,” Dec. 16-22] Yes, The Grove Café is charming and delightful; all the more a shame that Rob Dickson—in an effort to justify his sinecure as executive director of the EDo Neighborhood Association—incorrectly defines the boundaries of the Huning Highland Historic District Association (in fact being Martin Luther King to Hazeldine and I-25 to Broadway) while taking a cheap shot at the over 100-year-old area in the process. Shame on you, Mr. Dickson.

Letters: New Mexicans, Not Mexicans New Mexicans, Not Mexicans

I write in response to last week’s "Ask A Mexican" column [Dec. 16-22] in which Gustavo Arellano wrote about New Mexico in reply to one of his reader’s questions. Basically the reader implied that New Mexico is 50 percent Mexican and that’s why our state is relatively poor. Arellano then answered this reader’s question as if New Mexico were actually 50 percent Mexican. I can tell you first of all, that as an Hispano of New Mexico myself, our state is not 50 percent Mexican. In fact, New Mexico is about 45 percent Hispanic of which the vast majority of the Hispanic population in our state is Hispano—that is, we are the descendants of the original Spanish settlers who first arrived in New Mexico in 1598 under the leadership of Don Juan de Oñate. The Hispanic culture, traditions, history and community that has shaped our state for the past 400 years is the local Hispano culture—not the Mexican culture. Some people (evidently including Gustavo Arellano) seem to not understand the difference between Hispanos of New Mexico and the Mexicans of Mexico. The Hispanos of New Mexico have our own history, which is right here in the Land of Enchantment continuously since 1598. All of the Hispano families of New Mexico can trace our ancestry (and most have) through genealogy and our family trees to the original Spanish settlers who first arrived in this land with Onate in 1598, or very soon after that. All of the communities with Spanish names, especially in central and northern New Mexico, were founded by our people—including Albuquerque, Santa Fe (1610), Española, Taos, Las Vegas, and hundreds more towns and villages around the state where our families have lived for centuries and still do. The Hispanos of New Mexico are separate from Mexicans, just as we are separate from Puerto Ricans and Cubans and other Latins. Mr. Arellano can exploit his fellow Mexicans for money if he wants (but what a shame)—just leave New Mexico’s Hispanos out of it.

Letters: Hip Hip Ho-Einrich! Hip Hip Ho-Einrich!

Thank you Rep. Martin Heinrich. Even though the extension of the tax cut for the rich is most likely to continue—adding a few more unnecessary billions to our existing national debt—Martin Heinrich was one of the few representatives who did not vote for this aggravating measure.

Extending the tax cut for the rich has shown to be ineffective concerning job growth. It has also shown to be devastating for the state treasury. It serves only a very few of our population. Not a very needy part of our demographics. So, common sense tells us—and our representatives—not to continue with this. But politics seem to be guided otherwise. Having that in mind, I am glad for Martin Heinrich’s vote. He can still stand tall among the forces that seem to control most of our politicians. I am grateful for that.

Martin, I want to express my appreciation for standing up for the common people, the ones who go to work every day and do their duty, pay their taxes just as much as the few who happen to be in a better situation and earn millions a year. You are one of the Representatives who seem to keep in mind who they really represent!

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