Letters: Gas Is Good

Gas Is Good

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The Land of Enchantment’s job picture is very rosy, but employment growth is not a given. The truth is we cannot take anything for granted, especially because of the new agenda we are seeing out of Santa Fe.

The new governor, new regulators and new legislators all are targeting the natural gas industry that the University of New Mexico Bureau of Business and Economic Research is sure will continue to create jobs. Regulators already have suspended a policy that would allow new wells. The governor, in her previous post in the legislature, called for more regulation at both the state and federal levels. She also opposed moves to expand natural gas production. She’s made it clear she’ll do the same as governor.

Not only would these restrictionist policies impact the number of new jobs the economy will create over the coming years, they’ll hinder efforts to transition to cleaner energy. Wind and solar aren’t yet plentiful enough to meet energy demand. Without natural gas? Well, then we’ll have to turn back to dirty coal. I know that’s not what policymakers want, but they do need to consider the unintended consequences of their actions.

Letters: Stupid Is As Stupid Does Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The letter from Carol Adams in the Feb. 28 through March 6 issue [Alibi v28 i9] demonstrates precisely why she and others are treated “as if” they are stupid.

The border wall will not stop “millions of migrants” from busting across the border because there are not millions at the border, and because the vast majority of illegal immigrants came here legally on visas and just did not go home. The solution, of course, is to jail corporate executives who hire any illegals (such as the Trump folks at Mar-A-Lago).

The Green New Deal is wonderful and thus very popular, which is why the GOP and the Fox Propaganda Machine lies to their stupid viewers about it. None are so blind as viewers of the Fox Propaganda Machine.

Letters: Release ’Em Release ’Em

Full, public financial disclosure should be a legal requirement for any president, Supreme Court Justice or member of Congress. Every penny received or spent should have an identified source and destination. #ReleaseTheTaxReturns #Sunshine #Ethics #RuleOfLaw #Kompromot #AmericaFirst #MakeAmericaGreatAgain2019

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