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Not So Gassy

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Why are New Mexico citizens dependent on Texas for gas for heat? New Mexico citizens through their state own large gas and oil fields. We export a lot to other states. So why are we suffering shortages of heating gas and electricity in this crisis? What is going on? Is this like an Enron manipulated shortage?

Letters: On Liberalism On Liberalism

I am a proud liberal. Unfortunately, liberals have been vilified by the conservative right wing for decades. But the fact that I am left of center has always filled me with pride.

JFK put it this way: “If a liberal is someone who looks ahead, welcomes new ideas, cares about the welfare of people, their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties—and a liberal is someone who can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad—if that is what is meant by a ‘liberal’ then I’m proud to be a liberal.”

Recent events lead me to believe that the rigid, controlling, unbelievably audacious incivility of the conservative right is detrimental to our country. Guns do kill if they are carried by those who have internalized the right-wing rhetoric. The recent massacre in Tucson did not occur in a vacuum.

I believe it happened when the deluded mind of the perpetrator became caught up in the hate of those who shout to the world media “Don’t retreat. Instead, reload!” And crap like Limbaugh’s “We need segregated buses. This is Obama’s America.” And O’Reilly comparing Obama to Hitler.

People on the right claim to be Christian and patriotic. Wouldn’t Christ be appalled at the audacity of several millionaires and billionaires who in their hedonism create false patriotism through fear tactics, free trade rather than fair trade, and use war as a tool to gain more wealth and to brainwash the ignorant and innocent?

Were it not for FDR, JFK, DDE, LBJ and other liberals, America would long ago have become a third-world country.

Only liberals have introduced, implemented and explained programs that benefit the average American. Let us not be fooled that corporations made America great. The labor of the middle class and the poor made America great.

When will the political right tell us that they are fighting for millionaires and billionaires who own 95 percent of the wealth in the United States? When will they tell us why we are always at war? Alas, we know that there will never be a confession. It is apparent that money and power have always meant more to the right than have fairness, justice and peace.

My conservative “friends” have become rigid people who in their ignorance/innocence are partners in the compromising of our and their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We must stand up without violence protest to defend our freedom.

Letters: Water At Risk Water At Risk

B.W. Thompson, thank you for bringing attention to Gov. Martinez’ support of business over the long-term welfare of our environment [Letters, “Gubernatorial Flatulence” Jan. 27-Feb. 2]. In a state where the water situation is quickly deteriorating, ensuring we have water for future generations should be at the top off all elected officials’ priority list. Unfortunately Gov. Martinez has put our largest untapped aquifer at risk. Otero Mesa contains enough water for 1 million New Mexicans to drink for the next 100 years. Martinez would instead support the destruction of this vital resource.

Otero Mesa holds another vital resource—natural gas. The governor supports drilling of the mesa. By the most generous estimates, Otero Mesa holds 17 days’ worth of natural gas. It is completely unreasonable and disproportionate to destroy 100 years of water, endanger 1,000 native species, and permanently damage America’s largest and wildest grassland for 17 days of gas.

This is a call to arms for all New Mexicans! We must go above the Roundhouse, straight to the White House and demand that President Obama designate Otero Mesa a Bureau of Land Management National Monument. Mr. President, Gov. Martinez, we cannot drink natural gas!

Letters: You Can’t Drink Oil You Can’t Drink Oil

The people of New Mexico have spoken and a new governor has been elected. But as with the conclusion of every election, the casting of a vote is only the beginning of a far more intricate discourse in social responsibility each citizen is obligated to uphold in keeping elected officials committed to their constituents. It is a grave privilege to perform as civil servant, not a luxury.

Susana Martinez is our governor. Let us hope that she represents New Mexicans’ best interests as promised, but as we hope, let us actively assist her in doing so, reminding Gov. Martinez where our best interests lie.

For instance the Otero Mesa, located southeast of Alamogordo, is a delicate desert grassland ecosystem that is home to over 1,000 animal species and the Salt Basin aquifer—the last untapped source of groundwater in the state. If protecting the state’s only indigenous herd of prong-horned antelope isn’t important to all New Mexicans, surely ensuring the security of our children’s ability to access water in the future is. Yet the Otero Mesa is under attack by myopic, profit-minded drilling companies.

There is no middle ground on this issue. The extraction of oil and natural gas cannot come without the price of polluting the consummate resource that is to sustain the future of this desert state’s people as part of a Western America that is already bone dry.

Gov. Martinez must understand the importance of protecting the Otero Mesa from drilling companies since she made a vow to serve in the best interest of New Mexicans. One person’s life is a thousand times more important than the lining of an industry’s pockets and your own pockets. But you’re playing with more than a million lives, Ms. Martinez. Don’t mess this up.

Letters: Tea Party Hypocrisy Tea Party Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of politicos and pundits is so bad that we are at the point of requiring disclosures in all articles and TV appearances such as "Hello. I’m Michele Bachmann, and I am a hypocrite.” Bachmann, as you know, gave the second response to the State of the Union address in which she not only spouted the usual right-wing talking points but also took liberty with history, saying the founding fathers worked tirelessly to abolish slavery. This is nullified by the fact that Jefferson and Madison owned slaves, as did Washington. While Adams and Franklin opposed slavery, they accepted it as a fact of politics in order to get the slave states into the fold.

Where she is a fraud is in the fact that she rails against the very federal government she is a current employee of and gets a salary plus socialized medicine via the Congressional health insurance plan. From 1995 to 2006, she and her family received $250,000-plus in subsidies from that evil federal government for a farm they own in Wisconsin.

Another hypocrite is the right’s other favorite harpy from hell, Sarah Palin. She presided over a state that receives more federal dollars per capita than any other state; receives $1.84 in federal money for every $1 that Alaska pays to the federal government; and is heavily reliant on the oil industry, which receives generous federal considerations. Her children receive state medical insurance vis à vis her husband’s nominal Alaskan Native heritage.

Because of these two, among others, the time has come to require these people to either admit they are frauds and fakes, or the press does it for them.

Letters: Cage Fighting Coverage Cage Fighting Coverage

[Re: Blog, “Silva’s Kick,” Feb. 5] Nice, Ari, nice. This coverage was dope. Alibi keep it up! If you don’t represent for the 505, who will?

Letters: Three And A Half Years Later Three And A Half Years Later

[Re: Music, “Flyer on the Wall,” June 7-13, 2007] Just saw this while browsing and had no idea it was posted here. Thank you to the person who wrote the above blurb; I find it very funny. In fact, you are correct: It is odd to have a classical music concert at the El Rey. But did you know that the hall was actually designed with opera in mind? The hall is acoustically excellent for the voice, though a bit tricky for piano. In any case, I am glad my mom called you to tell you the details. Yes, she is quite proud of me! As for the poster, I designed it myself. In fact, I design all my posters, CDs, write my program notes and prepare my own lectures. But I am glad you like the idea. I hope we either met or will meet at my next concert.

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