Letters: Gay Living, No Rest For The “Not Guilty”, One Climate For All

Gay Living

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Don Schrader waxes eloquent about gay life [Alibi, 6/27-7/3], but life for many gays is not going to be less “suffocating” so long as religious fundamentalism holds sway. Just one example is federally funded housing for the homeless with HUD oversight, hence nominally subject to anti-discrimination law. What [happens] when the apartment house gets owned by a nonprofit complete with reverends on the board? That is one layer removed from accountability. Then they add another layer by hiring a for-profit “property management” company that is fanatical enough to organize and pay for all manner of Catholic functions on the premises, not just in the exclusively Christian chapel … but not for any other religion. Such a situation enables haughty hostility toward the hapless gay resident who cannot “risk living open and real” because he cannot risk living out on the streets again.

Letters: No Rest For The “Not Guilty” No Rest For The “Not Guilty”

George Zimmerman was found "Not Guilty," but that does not mean he was innocent. It only means that the defense was able to come up with reasonable doubt. However Zimmerman will never be a free man. While nothing he has said or done leads me to believe he has any remorse over the death of Trayvon Martin, he will forever be reminded that millions of others believe he was guilty of at least manslaughter. Without going into a synopsis and evaluation of the case, let it be said that this is a death that should not have happened. I hope that every day Zimmerman is reminded of his reprehensible conduct by the look he gets from neighbors, passersby, the media, businesses and the folks sitting next to him on the bus or plane. I hope he feels every day the bad taste in the mouth of everyone he comes in contact with.

While he’s not going to be residing in a state prison, let’s hope he will forever reside in a prison within himself and his conscience.

Letters: One Climate For All One Climate For All

President Obama recently took concrete action on climate change with his national plan. It is clear that New Mexicans have already suffered effects of climate change. In the summer my friends and I get together to play soccer, but it has been difficult to enjoy with recent oppressive heat waves. We relish evenings with rare sprinkles of rain. Since 2011 New Mexico has struggled through its worst forest fires, the worst drought in over 50 years and record-breaking temperatures.

We must lead in the prevention of further climate change to relieve our distressed communities. Fortunately President Obama has provided guidance in his national plan. He proposed carbon caps, increased investment in renewable energy and efficient renovation of our infrastructure. Obama’s strategy will distinguish the U.S. as a leader on climate change. With all of its renewable energy potential, New Mexico is sure to stand out as well.

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