Letters: Green Mother; Susana Martinez Disregards History; Pride For Pride; For Shame, El Machete

Advice From A Green Mother

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I’m a 45-year-old female who was raised environmentally conscious in smoggy, car-choked Los Angeles. Boy did I love me some President Carter. Boy did I hate me some Reagan. Can you just imagine how America would look had the seeds Carter sowed been allowed to flourish? We would be 34 years ahead of the clean energy game compared to how things are, and maybe the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico would never have happened.

Well, I still have made a lifestyle of living as green as I can for a “breeder” (two kids). I have no car; no cell phone; no wide-screen TV; no computer or Internet; no credit card; very limited meat and dairy; I refuse to run the air conditioner even with temperatures at 100 degrees. My PNM bill this month is $14.99. I also am a hobbyist beekeeper who refuses to try to make money off the bees or rob them of more than a little honey.

I’d like to challenge my fellow citizens to ease up on the fossil fuels, and this notion of “the better things in life.” Walk to the store, get some muscle from toting your groceries. Use the mail instead of a computer—a handwritten letter is always a nicer way to communicate than e-mail. And unless you have a medical condition, stop running the air conditioner from April until September, then switching to heat from October until March. You won’t die. My two kids are tougher specimens for having to walk, bundle up in the cold and drink more fluids in the heat.

And if some of you are worried I’m going for the title of “Female Don Schrader,” don’t be. Don, you make some great points, and you do some things that really annoy me (namely waving your hoo-hoo in our faces in this Letters section). Word to a fellow screed: Tone down the “I” messages. You come off like a total narcissist. And we get it, you’re homosexual. You’re queer, we’re used to it, get used to it.

Letters: Susana Martinez’ Narrow View Susana Martinez’ Narrow View

I find it very tragic when a candidate for governor shows utter disregard for our history. We pride ourselves on our tri-culture, and yet campaign ads for Susana Martinez show her with only blonde, blue-eyed children. That speaks loudly of her values. Excluding Hispanics and Natives illustrates bigotry. Furthermore, recognition of diversity is a necessary ingredient for a valid world view. We reside in a global economy; those are the real demographics.

Sarah Palin came to town to endorse Martinez. We must assume that Martinez endorses Palin’s views. Palin is an individual who walked away from her duties as governor in order to make millions exploiting and provoking anger in those who are unhappy with the political climate. Palin incites passions and directs the anger at Obama. Anything he does is wrong, according to Palin. Hers is a campaign of negativism and her purpose is to attack a president who is particularly vulnerable because of unrecognized racism. Palin repeatedly demonstrates a lack of knowledge about the complexity in governmental affairs. Why should Palin have a voice in the affairs of New Mexico, which she has no concern for, and even less knowledge of?

Martinez suggests her background in prosecution will aid her efforts in combating immigration. Our governor needs to be a positive force for bringing Republicans, Democrats and independents together to solve our problems including those having to do with immigration; not someone who is focused on a prosecutorial agenda. Perhaps Martinez is unaware of, or in denial of, her prejudices?

Letters: Proud Of Albuquerque Pride Proud Of Albuquerque Pride

I am so proud to see how our Albuquerque Pride celebration has grown to such an exciting time of year for not only the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people of our state, but to their friends and families as well.

I read your article on Pat Davis, the openly gay candidate who ran for Bernalillo County Sheriff [News, “
There Was Almost a New Sheriff in Town,” June 10-16]. I do commend Mr. Davis for a great run. And I am also grateful that his run came at a time when issues like employment discrimination are affecting the well-being of many people across our nation. Right now, it remains legal in 29 states for employers to discriminate against people based on sexual orientation, and in 38 states based on gender identity. LGBT people are getting denied promotions, and getting harassed and fired.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act will help provide protections against this kind of discrimination in workplaces across the country. I urge all of the LGBT people of Albuquerque, including Pat Davis, to get involved with ENDA so we can gain these very important equal rights.

Letters: South Diversion Channel Debris South Diversion Channel Debris

[Sports, “Hail, Velocipede,” June 10-16] There is a postapocalyptic, industrial bleakness to this ride that I just love. However because it is often somewhat deserted and not as well-maintained as other trails, be wary and careful. You might be dodging debris, and at the very least, the goat heads tend to be out of control round those parts.

Letters: Where Are Our Leaders? Where Are Our Leaders?

What is the intent of our leaders when it comes to the BP oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico? Our elected officials shut down the nonprofit ACORN for a small infraction of public trust—what should they do about BP, who has destroyed a whole ocean and the way of life for thousands? Cut off their many profitable government contracts now. That might get their attention.

Letters: For Shame, El Machete For Shame, El Machete

We, leaders of Albuquerque’s Jewish community, are writing to express our outrage and offense to Eric Garcia’s "El Machete" cartoon of June 10-16, 2010.

Garcia’s cartoon offers no insightful commentary on the tragic Gaza flotilla incident. Rather, he utilizes the exact images of Israel and Jews commonplace in anti-Semitic publications throughout the Arab world: The corpulent, skullcap wearing Jew stomping on the neck of a Palestinian is often found in the state-sponsored tabloids of Syria or Lebanon. To find a cartoon that employs similarly anti-Semitic iconography in the Albuquerque media is more than shocking.

We share a deep concern for Israel’s security. This does not mean that we agree with all of Israel’s governmental policies. However, when we see outrageous propaganda like this—propaganda that misrepresents the U.S./Israel relationship, reduces the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to a brutal caricature and mocks the garments of our religious practice—we are compelled to ask
Alibi to apologize for publishing a cartoon against us as Jews and our Israeli brethren who seek, above all, peace.

We look to Israel’s cabinet that has unanimously approved a commission of inquiry into the incident, has invited non-Israelis to observe its proceedings, and hope that more light will be shed on these events. We look to our media to help promote peace, not hateful propaganda.


Editor’s response: Garcia’s cartoon came on the heels of Israel’s military interception of an aid flotilla headed for Gaza, which resulted in the death of at least nine people on the civilian vessel. Eric Garcia’s editorial opinion is that Israel, the country depicted here as a person, has taken actions that should not be condoned by the United States. It is a criticism of government-backed violence, and not intended as anti-Semitic propaganda or a caricature of Jewish people. The Alibi deeply regrets any offense or anger the drawing has caused.

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