Letters: Hate Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Gun

Hate Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Gun

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Congratulations Alibi editors. … You excel in preaching to your choir. In the April 11 issue [v28 i15] your features made all the correct points your liberal/progressive readers want to hear. In “On Assignment With the Asylum Seekers,” August March writes about the feel good hospitalities afforded to a group of migrants in Albuquerque. Interviews with volunteers related the plight of the migrants who traveled “on the road for two or three weeks,” “they are downright hungry, dehydrated” … “not had chance to bathe.” “sleep on cement floors.” In other words we are told, expected to be in abject sympathy, with their self-imposed conditions during and after their march, under ICE control and upon release. In the end one volunteer states there are two parts to this, there’s mercy and justice and the justice part of this is to ask why is this happening? It is happening because of monetary payment and encouragement from progressive and radical organizations intent on busting US immigration law. Nowhere in the article is there any reference to this other side of this coin. We are expected to believe that thousands of migrants are walking thousands of miles with the word asylum on their lips by their own will. There is no way that all of a sudden such a large number of people up and decide to march to the US. But no matter. … We generous Americans should ignore the scam and award these invaders with all of their basic needs and a big welcome. There is no mention that aid benefitting migrants deprives our own citizens. It is reported that a group of migrants in Las Cruces were housed in a recreation center causing a youth T-ball registration scheduled there to be canceled. Appeals have been made for health care professionals to meet medical screening requirements. Migrants with health issues are taken to hospital emergency rooms. How many of our citizens health issues were and will be impacted by migrant health needs for free treatment. No reference to any downside by August March in Alibi. Perhaps there might have been an idea proposed that volunteers head back with migrants to their originating countries offering aid, time and effort towards upgrading conditions there.

In the same issue, an article, “
The Last Gun Show,” uses multiple images to support the latest New Mexico law to limit and deny gun rights. The writer assumes that this law to require background checks for private gun sales and surrender of weapons by domestic abusers will hopefully effect future gun shows where even now guns are zip tied open. After demeaning sheriffs who will not enforce the new law, we are reminded, rather graphically in recalling the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, of the “danger of guns in public places.” Nowhere is it suggested that yes, guns in public places can stop mass shootings. Shooters are allowed to mow down their targets with no challenge because those governing public places do not allow armed guards or staff. The article makes no mention of that solution nor the fact that the Second amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees citizens the right to bear arms, period. To deny any type of purchase or use of guns is plain and simply unconstitutional.

Alibi editors you do your job well assuring readers that what they read will exclusively promote the liberal and progressive line. And rightly so. In this day and age of diminishing media it is best not to alienate your reader … unless, of course, you wish to present all sides of an issue for the sake of education.

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