Letters: Huning Highlands Vs. Edo, More On Don Schrader And Marriage, Cheerleading For Charley’s

Huning Highlands Vs. Edo

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Your restaurant review says The Grove Café is located in Huning Highlands [ Chowtown Restaurant Guide, The Grove Café and Market]. Actually, it is in East Downtown—an official neighborhood of the city that includes the businesses and residents along Central Avenue and Broadway Boulevard in our redeveloping and improving area of the city. If there were not an EDo, there would not be a Grove. Before EDo, Central and Broadway around here could be defined in one word—sketchy. The East Downtown Master Plan from 2003 brought this community together, including residents of Huning Highlands, to craft a new vision and new zoning for Central and Broadway. This vision has borne much fruit—such as Jason and Lauren Greene and their great restaurant—and will continue to do so. I totally agree with the rest of the review: The Grove is a delicious delight!

Letters: Don Schrader’s Skewed Concept Of Marriage Don Schrader’s Skewed Concept Of Marriage

I generally see Don Schrader as a harmless guy trying to find truth, which is honorable and not so easy. However, in his letter he uses words like "caged," "trapped," "miserable," etc. to describe marriage [ “Don Schrader on Marriage,” Dec. 2-8]. I come from a broken family myself, but I still learned other words as a kid. Words like "integrity," "commitment," "sacrifice," "loyalty." I also learned that the concepts these words describe were worth fighting for.

Generally people are not forced to marry another person. And the standard vows—"for better or worse," "in sickness and health," "rich or poor," etc.—are voluntary and one speaks these words because they are determined to reach higher with this one person and build a relationship based on things beyond the flesh. Beyond instant gratification. More powerful than shallow selfish desires.

There are a lot of young people who read this newspaper, and I think that a different point of view should be available to them. Working hard to obtain a goal is a good thing. Whether that goal is a good job, a home, a spouse, whatever. Maybe Don thinks of himself as a bird or a rabbit who needs nothing and bounces from partner to partner when it is convenient. Talk about being trapped (in the ’60s). I see it as running away from life.

Letters: Charley’s 33S & Cds Is The Best Charley’s 33S & Cds Is The Best

One of the many great things about Charley’s 33s & CDs is that they ask their customers to inspect every record before it is purchased. Not only do they offer the highest quality product, they consider the right of the customer to know the state of that product one of the most important elements of being a fantastic "record" store.

Anyone who says differently [Music,
“Vinyl X-Mas,” Dec. 9-15] has never actually been in the store—because real customers know—I’m proud to say that I have been a Charley’s fan for a long time!


Music Editor’s Note: See the music section for a clarification regarding the vinyl packaging practices of Charley’s 33s & CDs.

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