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Peak Oil

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I agree with all of Lora A. Lucero’s letter [" The American Jobs Act Analyzed," Sept. 15-21] except for one thing. She says we have reached peak oil. That’s true for the U.S.: Our peak production was in 1970. But world production hasn’t peaked yet or we would be seeing soaring prices at the pump and a world depression.

When will this happen? It could be as soon as this year or in 20 years. But it doesn’t matter as far as what we should be doing now: deploying renewable energy as fast as possible to soften the double impacts of climate change and peak oil. Lora is right to say our leaders are failing to do this. But at least Obama acknowledges man-made climate change. The Republicans are totally in denial.

Letters: Junk Food Junk Food

I ask you here to consider your priorities. We as a nation spend billions of dollars a year subsidizing food that is killing us, while at the same time cutting education and health care. Big agro business is lobbying to take away children’s opportunity to be healthy just so they can line their pockets, and that’s wrong.

A certain hopelessness comes along with fighting against these big corporations, these companies that spent $90 million lobbying congress for subsidies. But we can change things. Despite all the attacks and attempted disarmament of the lower class, you can always make a difference. I ask you today to call your senator, Tom Udall, and ask him to champion this cause. Everyone’s kids deserve to be healthy, and it starts with you.

Letters: Susana La Tejana Hypocrita Susana La Tejana Hypocrita

[Re: Making Sausage, “Special Session Crib Notes,” Sept. 15-21] Loved this article, especially the quote "How much legislation would a legislator legislate if a legislator could legislate legislation?"

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