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Sustainable Foods

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[Re: Locovore, “Eating the Change We Seek,” May 26-June 1] Thanks for making it easier for me to go out to eat. My work with natural/local/sustainable foods and the education that goes with it comes at a price—I try to avoid eating "mystery meat" or eggs that were likely raised by a caged chicken. Your manifesto gives me hope that I will be able to happily have someone else prepare local/sustainable food for me a couple times a week.

Here at La Montañita, we’ve been sourcing local products for a long time, helping growers and producers get their products ready for markets and to markets. We’ve helped with enterprise development: We’ve linked organic dairy farmers with cheese plants (and helped get the plant certified organic so the cheese is certified organic). We’ve helped farmers sell hail-damaged crops that would have otherwise not been sold and would have been the cause of the farm’s ultimate failure. We feature local products in our store—about the only beef you can buy from me was raised exclusively on grass in New Mexico and Colorado.

I hope that in your journeys, you go to all the great purveyors that I source from in my meat and cheese departments.

Letters: Delicious Delicious

[Re: Locovore, “Eating the Change We Seek,” May 26-June 1] How cool. Can’t wait to start seeing your new reviews and learning more about which restaurants are using local ingredients, especially vegetables! I hope Farina will do that fabulous shishito pepper pizza again this summer—I assume the shishitos came from Amyo Farm, since they were the only folks selling them at the Downtown grower’s market.

Letters: A Positive Change A Positive Change

[Re: Locovore, “Eating the Change We Seek,” May 26-June 1] I recently did a survey of local and/or organic ingredients being used by restaurants in one of Albuquerque’s most popular dining areas. While a few restaurants showed effort in this area, overall the results were extremely disappointing. However, I would be happy to share my findings with you. I look forward to finding out about more restaurants I can feel proud to support.

Letters: Library Workers Library Workers

I would like to add some comments on Stuart Heady’s guest editorial [“Save the Librarians”] in the May 12-18 edition of the Alibi : in particular, how the libraries are being staffed more and more with temporary help.

The library’s administration can hire all the temps they need, with the city’s blessing, as temps do not receive benefits. They can also be worked different hours during a pay period that cannot be done with city employees. The real loss comes as the services provided by the libraries are not being met.

This past February, I left the employ of the city of Albuquerque. I had worked as a library clerk for almost 12 years. During this time, I have seen different changes for the library with the last three directors. I am sure each one had his/her own vision or plan. I understand there is a possibility that some of the branch libraries may have to cut hours due to a staffing shortage and a hiring freeze.

So why did the city fill the position of assistant director for the library system, instead of more staff that would work at the branches? And during a hiring freeze? There needs to be more than a passing glance at how our libraries are being managed. I can now say this without fear of reprimand, or unnamed consequences.

Letters: Keep Otero Mesa Beautiful Keep Otero Mesa Beautiful

[Re: Letters, “Save Otero Mesa,” April 21-27] I also have recently become aware of the situation in Otero Mesa where the oil, gas and mining industries of New Mexico are fighting to tap into the oil that is found there. If they were to do so, the last untapped groundwater source of New Mexico, able to sustain one million people for one hundred years, would be contaminated.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Times without oil are easier to deal with when we have water to sustain us, rather than times with oil and not enough water to sustain us. Water is so precious in this beautiful state that is New Mexico. We can save Otero Mesa and the water supply by pushing the Obama administration to declare it a national monument. With President Obama’s signature, Otero Mesa, its landscape, native species and water supply below, will be saved. I urge my fellow New Mexicans to stand up and push President Obama to declare Otero Mesa a national monument. Let’s keep Otero Mesa beautiful and thriving.

Letters: Misplaced Comparisons Misplaced Comparisons

It is amusing to listen to blowhards like Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and their minions who say that any criticism of female right wing nuts like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin is rooted in jealousy because they are attractive, or rooted in fear because of consistent criticism. They also use the Reagan comparison—he was mocked as a B-actor yet won the White House.

First of all, regardless of their physical looks, national elections are not an extension of high school popularity contests of jocks, cool kids and cheerleaders versus nerds, stoners and punks. The world is a deadly serious place in need of people who are interested in issues, not simple sound bite insults. The fear accusation: Fear is a reaction to the fact that these people who have been caught time and again in lies, distortions and stunted intelligence have any support of any number above zero. How could any American support a Palin or Bachmann after all the falsehoods and their constant disregard for fair inquiry and intellect?

The Reagan comparison: Reagan was mocked but also served two terms as governor of the most populous state in the union and the 11
th largest economy. Many of Reagan’s critics were within the GOP. Their criticism was based on his foreign policy statements as his fellow Republicans came from the Nixon model towards communism, containment and détente. Reagan embraced a theory called rollback, which was based on an aggressive posture, increase in military spending on missile defense, and increased support of anti-Communist governments and forces in the Third World. Any way you slice it, there is no comparison between Reagan and the wicked witches of the tea party.

Letters: One More Vacancy One More Vacancy

When a defunct vice president announces (with all due pomposity) that the torture of bin Laden’s No. 2 in 2002—plus the “capture” of bin Laden a scant nine years later—equals the concept that torture should be held in equal stature with mom, flag and apple pie, the vacancies at the Logic Motel are vast enough to allow for presidential candidacy of Michele Bachmann, Robert Welch and Humbert Humbert. When the “milk of human kindness” is poured upon a wet, hooded towel, what “rough beast” can be observed sloughing out the back door of the Logic Motel?

Letters: “Spay Pained” “Spay Pained”

Way to go. You pulled another boner. You contributed and encouraged the defacing of property in the latest “Shutter Bug” [Table of contents, May 26-June 1]. The picture appears to be spay pained [sic] on a light pole. Nice. Isn’t Albuquerque already trashy looking enough that you promote more of it? You do realize that we pay people to remove crap like that. Try being more responsible.

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