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Love Dose

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Albuquerque needs a dose of love.

Today I was driving on the highway, just trying to get to my destination. After turning on my blinker- following traffic rules, and merging into another lane, a man assumed that I had deliberately cut him off. Completely enraged, he honked the horn several times and sped up right be hind my car- giving me the finger as he drove by.

Thinking about this event troubled me and I felt sad and concerned for such a person who could be so completely angry and dangerously full of rage so quickly.

Life is short. We need to remember what a magic miracle it is to even be alive. What we do in our lives matters. Good or bad interactions can have a ripple effect throughout the community because we are all connected like a huge web (even when it doesn’t seem like it)

We need to have empathy and kindness for people we interact with because every person is going through difficult circumstances- maybe that no one even knows about.

Most importantly, we need to show kindness and love to ourselves. When a person is at peace with themselves, they are more able to share kindness with others.

Please spread more love and empathy around Albuquerque, it’s gravely needed.

Letters: Love Letter Love Letter

I’ve been reading the Alibi for 14 years. I have seen it evolve and change over that time, and I believe it is now better than ever! Let me tell you why.

Yes, the
Alibi lets us know about restaurants, movies, music, art. That’s great, and so appreciated. And it’s free! Amazing! What I really love about the Alibi is that you let us know what’s going on in the legislature each week: what a gift! You let us know about the folks running during elections: who they are and what they stand for. I don’t smoke pot but I read Baked Goods because the movement is coming, growing steadily for years, and I want to be up to date. Thank you, Joshua Lee. Event Horizon lets know what is happening in a nutshell Odds and Ends is so stupid funny, it always makes me laugh out loud. Community Calendar: It’s all there: what, when and where! I loved the articles about our water situation when we were in a horrible drought with no snow last winter. The articles were comforting. The news might not be good, but it helps to know what’s really going on. I testified in hearings against fracking over the last six months, and I used information from these articles. I loved the articles about the bus situation downtown, helping to keep us all informed with up-to-date news when our hearts were breaking, losing businesses that we all loved that were precious to each of us.

If I have missed anyone, I’m sorry. Everyone involved helps to make the
Alibi the precious resource it is. I cannot imagine a week without my Alibi, it’s a ritual.

Alibi is courageous and on top of things and I for one thank you, sincerely. What you do means so very much to me!

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