Letters: Lovin’ Haaland

Lovin’ Haaland

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In response to a letter titled “Hatin’ Haaland” [v 27 i19], I write with quite the opposite view.

What the “Hatin’ ” writer largely referred to, when he was not engaged in ad hominem attacks, was covered nicely in an
Albuquerque Journal article reporting on a press conference by the former Democrat. There, in response to media questions, the complainant revealed that no complaint was ever filed to which Deb Haaland, as chair, could have responded. Deb is quoted as thanking the former Democratic Party committee woman for coming forward and pointed out that, during her tenure as N.M. Party Chair, she instituted the party’s first ever sexual harassment policy.

The writer’s narrative facts appear distorted, if we are to believe the complainant’s response to responsible reporter’s questions in her own press conference.

I first met Deb Haaland when I was living in Gallup. Deb spent a lot of time there as the Obama campaign national Native outreach coordinator. I have never seen anyone work so hard and effectively on a campaign.

I am now retired and live in Chico, Calif. Last week I drove back to N.M. to volunteer for Deb, one of the finest people I know. Now running for Congress, she is someone with a true sense of herself, who will work with fierce determination in D.C. for health care for all, to get big corporate money out of politics, pass sensible gun control measures and call for a renewable energy revolution.

She will be the first Native American woman ever elected to Congress.

I stand with Tulsi Gabbard, Jim McKibbon and 350.org, EqualityNM, Planned Parenthood, NOW, Olé and many other progressive groups and individuals to ask that you vote for Deb Haaland, a person with a true good heart, on June 5.

Letters: Very Concerned Very Concerned

Why would you back someone that would outright say fuck the [NRA]?

Alibi’s backing of Pat Davis is wrong and should be retracted. We as New Mexicans do not want someone that would boast like a child and use profanity to target a group of people in this country. The NRA is not anything without the citizens behind it.

He [Davis] is against a vast majority of people in the country and this state.Your endorsement of him is showing you align with his targeting of people like me. Please change it and show the people of this state that you will not stand for someone that will outright act like a child to gain votes to senseless participants.

Letters: Embarrassing Endorsement Embarrassing Endorsement

The [Albuquerque] Journal’s embarrassing May 22 endorsement of Damon Martinez is filled with exaggerations and lies about this seemingly TDS-impaired Congressional candidate’s obsession—like our other Democratic members in Congress—with resisting and destroying our President-elect Trump. Damon is now trying to have voters forget about his past by reinventing himself as now a champion of women and of other causes. It’s significant that neither Senators Bingaman nor Udall, who Damon worked for in D.C., has endorsed him. What N.M. doesn’t need in Congress is another political party-first House member who will take his orders from Nancy Pelosi. As our N.M. Representative Lujan Grisham did earlier this year, Damon would also sit on his hands at Nancy’s direction should our president at his next 2019 State of the Union address again choose to recognize/honor other good US police officers like our Ryan Holets and the family victims of the MS13 gang—properly described by victims and our president as “animals,” and whose motto is “Kill, Rape, Control.”

Ever since the DOJ was called in to investigate APD after the reform agreement was signed in 2014, Damon—this self-proclaimed military hero—has been AWOL and done nothing about the APD and statewide bloodbath that continued unabated under his watch by refusing to demand police accountability—something the endorsement ignored. This APD excessive force enabler took no action to punish any of the over 55 N.M. officers here who shot citizens on his watch. Yet, for refusing to deputize Forest Service members, as its disgraceful former Arriba County Sheriff Emilio Naranjo had done, Damon vindictively had new Sheriff Tommy Rodella jailed for 10 years for just an alleged bad traffic stop/civil rights violation—something that would get a bad cop here just a reprimand. When an activist critic of his dared to call Damon out publicly for his lack of integrity, being an enabler of APD’s shootings and his failure to demand any real reform, he sent his US Marshals twice to the critic’s home to threaten him to shut up. Like the BCSO, Damon also refused to equip his US Marshals with video cameras so they could kill—which they did, without any fear of accountability. He also could have also averted the murder of a good APD cop Daniel Webster by demanding answers why ATF officers on three earlier occasions never arrested this felon/murderer for possession of a weapon.

Army reservist Damon, who always “served” in a comfortable office—never on the battlefield whenever called up—was conspicuously absent from the January 2016 funeral ceremony at the Convention Center that honored a real hero, Eldorado HS graduate Green Beret Sgt. Matt McClintock, killed in Afghanistan. Shame on the
Journal for its endorsement. While the Alibi has chosen to endorse Pat Davis, Paul Moya seems to be the only credible Democratic candidate in the District 1 race. I think it’s finally time for a change in District 1 with now a proven N.M. leader in Congress: Janice Arnold-Jones.

Letters: Ice Ice, Baby Ice Ice, Baby

I’m writing today because the current immigration system in our country, antiquated and inhumane, needs to change. My life has been touched closely by a friend who’s threatened with deportation; there’s no apparent reason, other than that she doesn’t yet have the “correct” papers. These would allow her to live here, work, raise her family and quietly contribute much of herself and her background (as she has done for the past 26 years).

Consequently, this person has had to take measures to protect herself from the unpredictable actions of ICE and the present administration. This is a terrible, unfriendly situation and I find it embarrassing to be a part of the system that allows it to continue.

I urge you, reading this, to inform yourselves of how bad this situation actually is, and of the inhumane things that are taking place in our country that is supposed to be “The Land of the Free.”

Let us pull together to reverse the system and return to a humane and responsible method of welcoming newcomers and those seeking asylum in the US, as our founders meant it to be.

Letters: Great Outdoors Great Outdoors

The other day I was speaking with a woman in my neighborhood about living in Albuquerque. She said to me, “you know you always hear so many bad things about Albuquerque but people don’t highlight the good things. The other day I drove for 20 minutes and went on a hike and I was in the middle of the wilderness! Right here in Albuquerque!” I couldn’t agree more. Despite its sometimes rough and tumble reputation, I love living in Albuquerque and access to the outdoors is probably at the top of my list of reasons why. (Second would be the craft beer, in case you were wondering.)

For Burqueños the Sandias provide more than just thrilling sunsets, they’re like a giant second backyard for hiking, bird watching, bike riding and trail running. Whenever my spouse and I go on a hike with our dog, we see people of all different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds enjoying their public lands. But we have even more than the Sandias; the trails along the Bosque also provide amazing opportunities to get outdoors and connect with nature.

It can be easy to focus on the negative sometimes, but with endless trails and outdoor opportunities I like to focus on the positive things that Albuquerque has to offer. Through our work at the New Mexico Wildlife Federation, we’re also making sure that more people have access to these outdoor opportunities through programs that connect young people to these places. The best part of my job is sharing the best parts of Albuquerque with my community.

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