Letters: Madrid Has The H2O

Madrid Has The H2O

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As a former Vice President of the Madrid Water Cooperative, former President of the Madrid Landowners’ Association and current local Madrid business owner, I must protest your "interesting fact.” The fact of the matter is the majority of Madrid’s residents and businesses do not have to haul water on trucks but, rather, have water piped to them by the Madrid Water Cooperative, which has been in business since almost the refounding of the town some 40 years ago. Yes, some people do haul water, and everyone outside of the town’s boundaries rely on wells, rain catchment or hauling, but within the town most of us do have water.

Letters: Auto-Free Editor’s Reach Exceeds Grasp Auto-Free Editor’s Reach Exceeds Grasp

This letter is in response to Mrs. Carrillo’s article on the NW quadrant of the state in the May 9 issue of the Alibi. This is a somewhat interesting article, but Mrs. Carrillo has no perception of the American highway system. To begin with, the road to Cuba is U.S. Highway 550; previously the road was State Highway 44. The road to Abiquiú is State Highway 96.

Later on, Mrs. Carrillo, you change it from I-64 to U.S. 64; the latter being correct. Mrs. Carrillo, it was during the Eisenhower administration that the system of Interstate (or Limited Access) highways started. We have only three limited-access or interstate highways in New Mexico: I-40, I-25 and I-10. Please consult your road map in the future.

-Johnny Rainwater

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