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Milk Is For Babies

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Cow’s milk is for baby cows. Human milk is for baby humans. Animals in the wild do not drink the milk of a different kind of animal. No adult animal in the wild drinks milk! Just as all animals are not alike, so the milk from cows, goats, pigs and humans is not alike. Cow’s milk is designed to quickly create a huge, big-boned adult animal in only two years. So if you are fat and if you drink cow’s milk and eat cheese and ice cream made from cow’s milk, do not expect to lose weight!

Cow’s milk causes more mucus than any food you can eat—thick, dense mucus that clogs and irritates your nose, throat, sinuses and lungs—gluey mucus that is hard for the body to get rid of. Cow’s milk causes hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, sinus infection, colds, runny noses, stuffed noses and children’s ear infections. Cow’s milk is the main cause of allergies, cheese is a major cause of headaches.

Eighty-seven percent of the protein in cow’s milk is casein. Casein makes cancer grow faster at all stages! Casein is used to make one of the strongest glues for wood. Far more casein is in cow’s milk than human milk. Our human digestion can not break down the cow’s milk casein, so our intestines get clogged with thick, ropelike mucus. Eating cow’s milk cheeses and ice cream can cause or worsen ulcers, colitis, colon cancer, prostate cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis.

Do not swallow the lies and propaganda of the dairy ads! Like cigarette and booze companies, the dairy industry wants your money—regardless if you get sick, suffer and die from swallowing their lies!

Most all the cow’s milk, cheese and ice cream sold in U.S. grocery stores is pasteurized. The cow’s milk is heated to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Pasteurizing makes the cow’s milk more harmful than raw cow’s milk. The teeth of children fed pasteurized cow’s milk are more likely to decay than the teeth of children fed raw cow’s milk. Nine out of 10 baby cows fed pasteurized cow’s milk died before maturity! Pasteurized cow’s milk kills even baby cows! Pasteurizing cow’s milk does not make it clean—it could still have hair, soot, dust, dirt, shit, sweat or small bugs in it.

Many years ago I was addicted to much dairy, but I changed—largely in the ’80s. I eat no milk, no cheese and no ice cream!

If you insist on eating dairy, eat only raw milk and raw cheese from healthy goats! No cow’s milk and no pasteurized milk from any animal. Raw milk from healthy goats is much better than pasteurized cow’s milk.

If you want to be most healthy, consume no milk, no cheese, no ice cream!

I strongly recommend these books—
Fit for Life II: Living Health by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford and The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Letters: Environmental Liabilities Environmental Liabilities

As a concerned citizen and small business owner, I am deeply concerned by Gov. Susana Martinez’ recent nominations of Harrison Schmitt for the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, and F. David Martin to the Environment Department. These two nominations, if appointed, would constitute clear conflicts of interest.

Mr. Schmitt is a political extremist who denies the conclusions of every major scientific organization on global warming. He is chairman emeritus of an Exxon Mobil-funded group that has called into question even the link between air pollution and asthma. This is not an appropriate person to make balanced, carefully weighed decisions about the use of New Mexico’s precious natural resources.

Mr. Martin’s professional background is in enhanced petroleum recovery. For those unfamiliar with this role, it is the expert who discovers how to use chemicals to squeeze out the last molecules of oil from a well, once it has otherwise been tapped out. This is clearly not the person who can provide an unbiased use of New Mexico’s environment, and certainly not the best guardian.

[Last] week, America’s national oil spill commission detailed its findings on the BP oil spill. One major finding was that one grave oversight was that the government commission that was in charge of regulating the site was also charged with promoting the expansion of oil drilling. Is this what we want for New Mexico: An environmental department that cannot manage, let alone protect, our environment, and a state whose resources are sold out without thought for future generations of New Mexicans?

We still have time to take advantage of our state’s huge potential for new, clean industries without hurting oil and gas revenues, but we have to act soon. We need intelligent, appropriate leadership at our state agencies. These current recommendations look more like liabilities than solutions.

Letters: Thanks And Condolences Thanks And Condolences

[News, “An Army of One,” Jan. 13-19] Thank you for focusing on this very important action. My son believes he may have served in Fallujah with Kenneth—he isn’t 100 percent sure because he was not with his regular group at the time. Our condolences go out to you. We know how difficult it is to have a family member come home with PTSD and try to reintegrate into a community that does not understand their trauma. Our police need to understand that confrontation only intensifies some of the symptoms of PTSD. Our returning soldiers need help when they are involved in these situations, not more violence.

Letters: 75 Vs. 17,000 75 Vs. 17,000

[Re: News, “First, a Roof,” Jan. 13-19] Seventeen THOUSAND people are homeless at least part of the year in New Mexico. This program will house a whole 75.

This is window dressing and a pay check for the admins of the program. Period.

Letters: La Cumbre Brewing’s Cool La Cumbre Brewing’s Cool

[Re: Food, “Beers at Their Peak,” Jan. 13-19] Kinda hard to find, complicated even more by ongoing construction in the area, but it’s a great place with a great atmosphere and damn good beer. I dare to say it’ll give Marble a run for its money.

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