Letters: Mistake In Small Engine Write-Up

Mistake In Small Engine Write-Up

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I’m one of the artists of Graft collective which is located next to the Small Engine Gallery in Barelas. I noticed that the write-up for the Holy Glories show mentioned Bradford as the sole proprietor of the space, which is a glaring mistake. Bradford runs the space in collective with local artist Jackie Riccio.

As a woman in an art venue and also as a musician, I am no stranger to seeing my own ideas and accomplishments attributed to men. Likewise, I am no stranger to being blatantly ignored in my own collective’s space or at venues in which I am performing. Jackie is an integral part of Small Engine, and to exclude her from mention is not only to sublimate her incredibly hard work, but to contribute to the gender inequity in our cultural community. I hope that the
Alibi will not prove to be one more venue in which women’s voices go unrecognized.

Letters: Response To Mistake Response To Mistake

We certainly don’t want women’s work to go unrecognized! Therefore, a correction for the article ‘An engine that roared’ (Jan. 21-27, Vol. 25 Issue 3): “Artists Bradford Erickson and Jackie Riccio collaboratively took the reins of Small Engine Gallery … Erickson and Riccio both have done a fan-fucking-tastic job. … Together, they bring the power of local music to the joint …” We apologize for the accidental sublimation.

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