Letters: Murder, Inc., Where The Boys Are

Murder, Inc.

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History teaches us that war is never vanquished, once and for all. War is too ingrained into our dog-eat-dog political systems. War is often an effective short-term and long-term political tool. And therein lies the problem. For the elites who run the show, corruption and war is their bread and butter.

Politics is a euphemism for corruption. Politics is not about what YOU want, it’s about what THEY want.

I am cynical enough to believe that "all governments are criminal networks," each with its own style. I am leftist enough to believe that all of our government and corporate and religious criminal networks need to be challenged: constantly, daily, hourly.

Question: Would you describe the U.S. government as "Murder, Inc.?” Name all the governments throughout history that you would describe as "Murder, Inc."

Make no mistake. We are at war. We have been at war since Sept. 11, 2001. The words "declared" and "undeclared" no longer have meaning.

In war, the first casualty is truth, but many other casualties quickly follow. To understand the behavior of a government at war, one has to read the elusive tea leaves as well as the blatant clues. The CIA and the U.S. military have been acting "without authority," without a "declaration of war," at least since the Vietnam era. One by one, try reading the names of every human being slaughtered in our undeclared wars since World War II.

And for what? The cynic in me says that corruption and war are lucrative rackets to which many governments are addicted. Profiteers and charlatans rule this planet.

Name any major political or religious power who has, historically, not committed mayhem and murder. Name any major political or religious power who has, historically, not murdered both enemies and innocents.

For we who resist, Step 1 is always: Shine the light on these fuckers.

Letters: Where The Boys Are Where The Boys Are

[Re: Letters, “Pulp Faction,” April 19-25] You’re doing it wrong, ’cause the gays are at Page One. (Or Bookworks, or any of the local, used bookstores.) Come on now—Barnes & Noble is where you go to buy the latest book about somebody’s idiot kid meeting Jesus and returning from the dead. There are better places to find the books you desire.

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