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Never Mind

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I take strong exception to Devin O’Leary’s film review of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. I quote … “Colin Firth brutally slaughtered an entire church full of mind-controlled Jesus worshippers.”

Those are
strong words from someone who would not have dreamed of saying “a mosque full of mind-controlled Mohammad worshippers.” Or, when the African-American Christians were slaughtered in Charleston; I know you would not critique those victims as “mind-controlled Jesus worshippers.”

Please take a look at your own obvious prejudices. Prejudices is defined as: dislike or intolerance for people because they belong to a specific race, religion or group.

Letters: Film Editor’s Response: Film Editor’s Response:

Thanks for the concerned feedback. Obviously, you have not seen the film I was talking about (Kingsman: The Secret Service). I used the term “mind-controlled” because that’s what the characters in question were. That’s the entire plot of the movie, in fact. Evil internet billionaire Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) uses a satellite to transmit a “neurological wave” that brainwashes people and turns them into homicidal maniacs—including, in the instance I quoted, a fundamentalist Christian Church in Kentucky. It was a literal description, not a figurative judgment. Prejudice is also defined as: an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge.

Letters: Chicago, Colorado And Baltimore Are Out And Tennessee/North Carolina Are In For Unm Press Chicago, Colorado And Baltimore Are Out And Tennessee/North Carolina Are In For Unm Press

We spoke too soon. Those devils at UNM have quietly arranged for UNM Press books to leave for Tennessee as soon as October. Some sources say the spring, but that may also be when the books are finished moving out of the warehouse so the Dean of UNM Libraries [Richard W.] Clement can get it. He wants that warehouse and he wants it badly. He will do anything to get it. Remember, he is the person who can’t spend the money to fix the expensive espresso machine for book production, but he wants a warehouse to waste money on.

UNM Provost White sent out letters that UNM would consult with “experts” before doing anything with UNM Press. What he didn’t say was the “experts” were the University of North Carolina advance team that came to Albuquerque. I guess that is why Provost [Craig] White would never disclose who the “experts” were. Are the “experts” stores or other publishers?

University of North Carolina folks supposedly visited the UNM Press warehouse to see their new books three weeks ago. I have heard that they are sending the books to Tennessee. So that makes perfect sense: New Mexico books going to Tennessee for the University of North Carolina.

I have heard that because the University of North Carolina is a nonprofit, the law stated process for a RFP may be fast tracked. Did anyone ask why a university like UNM, that has a money problem is spending more money to send books out-of-state? UNM spends money like water and it is tax-payer money, so they don’t care. After all, Dean Clement wants that UNM Press warehouse and he has to be made happy. Or he will go to another university and close that press.

Did anyone also ask why a Dean of Libraries hates books so much that he wants to do away with them? He has a track record and those in the UNM library and UNM Press ought to start looking for new jobs now! Since UNM doesn’t feel the urge to tell authors or distributed presses where their books are going, I will. Can you say transparency? After all, UNM has an athletic program that they can pour money in to and the money should have gone to academics like UNM Press. At least UNM Press wins awards regularly. People at UNM and alumni should be fighting mad.

Those UNM people are so sneaky! My guess is that New Mexico books won’t sell very well in Tennessee. I am not a UNM “expert” so what do I know? But it is your tax dollars at work! Wave goodbye to UNM Press books!

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