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The Hispano Debate Rages On

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Just a quick reply to the comments by "katrina2010" in last week’s Alibi [Letters, “Ye Old New Mexico Debate,” Oct. 21-27]: Katrina2010, I recommend you read and study New Mexico’s 400-year Hispano/Spanish history before making ignorant and utterly false statements such as the ones you made in your letter to the Alibi so you will know the difference between the Hispanos (Spanish-Americans) of New Mexico and Mexicans. Saying we are the same is like saying Scottish people are the same as English people or Irish people; or saying Koreans are the same as Japanese; or Germans as the Dutch, etc.

While we have some similarities (we both speak Spanish, although different dialects) to Mexicans, the Hispanos (Spanish-Americans) of New Mexico are a unique and distinct culture and our history is different than that of the Mexicans. We have been in New Mexico for over 400 years, while Mexicans are either born in Mexico or have been here perhaps one or two generations—at any rate we are two different peoples with our own cultures and histories.

Many people don’t understand or know the history of New Mexico, but we the Hispanos (Spanish-Americans) of New Mexico know our history and culture and we are happy help educate people who don’t otherwise know. If you do know the history but still choose to believe the falsehoods than you simply choose to be ignorant!

Letters: Everyone’s A Critic Everyone’s A Critic

[Performance Review, “Fleeing Attractions,” Oct. 21-27] Well I’m glad you think the people at Aux Dog give heart. Personally I thought [ Coming Attractions ] was a good dark comedy. I think it is relevant to today’s society. Just look at how much "reality TV” there is. Not to mention what recently happened in Italy with a lady finding out that her daughter is dead by a journalist interviewing her. I don’t know about anybody else but I think Ted Tally was trying to say how horrible our society has gotten. And I thought the performance was quite good. Good energy and the absurd parts were absurd and the serious parts were serious. The only problem for me was I felt Manny’s monologues were too long.

Letters: How Many Metaphors Can You Pack Into A Single Sentence? How Many Metaphors Can You Pack Into A Single Sentence?

[Opinion, “Surprise and Delight,” Oct. 14-20] Very insightful analysis, Gene but unfortunately there aren’t any rabbits left for Denish’s handlers to pull out of the hat, and as a result all we’re left with are some last-minute attempts to try to scare the electorate into voting for her, accompanied by a lot of whistling while walking through the graveyard. The fat cats took us for granted, told us it was her turn and shoved the progressives out after we worked to get Obama elected, now it seems they can’t believe what’s happened and that the chickens are coming home to roost.

Letters: There’s Magic In That Hat There’s Magic In That Hat

[Opinion, “Surprise and Delight,” Oct. 14-20] And that hat is called the magic of movie making. We are second to Hollywood in making films. If Martinez wins she will take that all away from us. In this tough economy we need high-paying jobs. Right now the film business employs many people and keeps N.M. businesses afloat. Ask the hotels, restaurants, building supply companies, make-up stores and many other vendors who [get] business from the film industry. As a film crew worker, I enjoy spending my paycheck at local Old Town restaurants and gift shops. I shop local to keep the money here and so do my peers. We are amongst you spending money; until this election we had no need to make that a point. Money made here stays here.

Letters: Hardly Moribund Hardly Moribund

[Film Review, Hereafter, Oct. 21-27] You are correct that Eastwood is not afraid to let a story unfold at its own pace. I do however think you are wrong about the payoff. In this world of instant gratification, even movies are expected to deliver more, sooner. This is a mistake.

However, in support of your argument, I was (at not quite 50) one of the youngest people in the theater for the showing. I suppose if you are a Ritalin kid, you might be better off catching
Jackass 3D .

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