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[Re: Opinion, “Servants of the Pair of Cleats,” Nov. 24-30] So let me get this straight: One sick individual perpetrating a heinous crime while working in the profession of football coach is comparable to a decades-long and well-documented history of abuse by priests in the Catholic church? One shining example does not a pattern make. What am I missing?

You will get no argument from anyone that "child rape" is repugnant, reprehensible and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but why are you crossing your fingers and hoping further cases will emerge to support your flimsy theory? Has football wronged you in some way? Or do you find the athletic prowess of others appalling in general? And why the fancy new term “child rape”? Did we not as a society understand the immensity of the words child molester or pedophile? Or does this new moniker help to re-elicit the gag reflex we all felt when we learned the lurid details?

I do agree that in both cases, these crimes against humanity were covered up to protect the assets accrued by those involved, but then shouldn’t we direct our ire at money corrupting both sport and spiritual guidance? Or perhaps you could have investigated the work patterns of convicted pedophiles. Surely, more than one school janitor has been found guilty of these despicable acts. Research would help to confirm (or refute) your accusation of the fawning eyes of sports fans being complicit in this horrendous crime. Or maybe instead of attacking everyone’s new favorite redheaded whipping boy, you may have delved into the body of psychological research that helps explain why a person responds the way they do when they witness a role model doing something unspeakable. This is not to say Mr. McQueary is absolved of his behavior, but it would further intelligent public discourse about the issue, instead of simply piling on the quarterback coach.

It seems to me the writer could have been a journalistic hero and given the readers of the
Alibi some real content that would better our understanding of this problem instead of simply jumping on the sensationalism bandwagon.


Columnist John Bear responds: This was an opinion piece, not news reporting. I used the phrase "child rape" because that’s what it is. I would never cross my fingers and hope there are more pederast football coaches out there. And I see nothing wrong with criticizing a full-grown, healthy man who would walk away and leave a child in a shower with a naked pervert. And, yes, I am equally appalled by pedophile janitors.

P.S. You have my permission to continue being a football fan.

Letters: More Car Washes! More Car Washes!

[Re: News, “How Dry Is Dry?,” Dec. 1-7] "How committed is the utility to protecting Albuquerque’s aquifer?" You mean the utility that claims that Albuquerque has enough water to supply 150 percent of today’s population?

As long as the utility continues to conspire with the city to encourage population growth, you’ll be able to pour that commitment into your glass of water and it will still be half empty. (I mean full.)

The best long-term strategy for conservation of the aquifer is for everyone to increase water use right now—drastically. A supply crisis is the only hope for a serious reevaluation of growth policy and water policy. After another 200,000 people have moved in to Albuquerque, it will be too late.

Letters: Go Jambo Go Jambo

[Re: Food, “Jambo Café,” Dec. 1-7] I love this place so much. When I was working in Santa Fe I visited Jambo many times. Ahmed always came out to greet us, and the food was always amazing. I haven’t been in so long, and now I want to make a special trip. Good memories.

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