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Alamogordo Chimpanzees

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Chimpanzees walk on two feet. They have hands, use tools and language, and have a complex society. They display intelligence and emotion. Yet the United States government treats them as property, with no more rights than ashtrays or toilet seats.

About 240 chimps at the Alamogordo Primate Facility in New Mexico were rescued from an abusive owner—cited for improper care and even negligent deaths—in 2000. They had been used for decades for research, much of which could be considered torture.

Now the National Center for Research Resources, their new owner, intends to transfer them to a facility in Texas, also cited several times for negligence. They will be housed in an environment designed for macaques (one fourth the size of chimps) and used for invasive biomedical research.

Few, if any, advances in science have resulted from research using chimpanzees. The only two countries in the world that still use them are the United States and West African Gabon.

I urge you to contact your congressional representatives, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, and NCRR Director Barbara Alving M.D. (alvingb@mail.nih.gov). Tell them to stop the senseless torture and killing of the Alamogordo chimpanzees and grant them much-deserved sanctuary retirement.

Letters: Ode To New Mexico Ode To New Mexico

I got the trots in Gallup,

that wouldn’t go away;

I think it was the water,

so I moved to Santa Fe

I saw a Raton my Ros-well,

an awful thing to see;

I loaded up my U-Haul

and moved to T or C.

My girlfriend’s name is Eunice,

with beauty you can’t match;

she’s got the greatest Clov-ass

from Taos to Hatch.

Carlsbad attitude and his

constant rants;

made us all so crazy,

we threw him out at Grants.

I got a little seasick,

the Shiprocked all around;

I got into my life raft,

and rowed to Wagon Mound.

In Lordsburg and Cruces,

there’s hardly any sin,

so if you’re really into that,

move to East Belen.

My ex-wife Santa Rosa

was voluptuous and witty;

she dumped me for a miner,

in Downtown Silver City.

Our Bunny’s name is “Zo-Zo,”

and he can barely hop;

but we Tucum-carri Zo-Zo

from here to our next stop.

I was once a painter,

I don’t know when nor where;

I got some bad Artesia,

While drawing Mountainair.

Got a phone call yesterday,

why I had a hunch;

Al and Mo Gordo,

invited me for lunch.

Letters: Go Film Section Go Film Section

[Film, Inception, July 15-21] Add my voice to the praise, but also to commend Devin’s review. Great job getting into the specifics without spoiling anything. I thought it was well-done and definitely commands a repeat viewing.

Letters: It’s About Motive It’s About Motive

[Blog, “Shooting at Emcore,” July 12] What makes it a case of domestic violence vs. some other type of workplace shooting was the guy’s motive. He was out to kill her specifically. Various people have said she told them she was "scared of him." He was reported to be talking to anyone who would listen about their break up. He went to her workplace to try and kill her. Unfortunately others got caught in the crossfire and the aftermath—very, very sad. Domestic violence too frequently ends in murder. In the U.S., in 2005, 1,181 females and 329 males were killed by their intimate partners. What I’m interested in is creating better outlets and protection for people (male and female alike) who suffer from spousal abuse. I don’t know what the solution is, but I don’t believe we should just throw up our hands and say, “Well, they’re crazy. Nothing we can do."

Letters: Missing From The Bill Of Rights Missing From The Bill Of Rights

[Feature, “The Bill of Rights,” July 1-7] Penumbras, formed by emanations! You forgot them! The BOR isn’t nearly as much fun without ’em.

Liberals used ’em in Griswold and Roe, Conservatives in Heller and McDonald, one way or another, admitted or not!

[Blog, “Shooting at Emcore,” July 12] I am going through something similar to Adrienne. I can tell you for a fact that there is no REAL help out there for the women that have finally had enough. What good does a night or two in a shelter do? And when there are children involved, the abuser has control over the victim the rest of their lives. Family court is useless in domestic violence cases. Part of the problem is too many women claim domestic violence—and so everyone is looked at like a liar. I believe we need to send our judges a message: to take domestic violence cases SERIOUSLY, especially when there [is] custody/mental illness (diagnosed or not).

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