Letters: Readers Are Peeved About The City’s Ban On Pornotopia Film Festival


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Thank you so much for bringing this story to the attention of the public [News, “Porn Festival Screwed,” Oct. 28-Nov. 3]. I had been looking forward to attending the festival and was shocked and confused to hear that it had been canceled. I’m glad to hear an explanation as to why, although that explanation was a depressing one.

Maybe I’m wrong, but can someone clear a few things up for me? I thought this was 2010. I thought this was the United States. I thought we lived in a time and place that allows adults to make their own decisions about how to entertain themselves. Am I wrong? So, why then, is this city being such a drag? Albuquerque should be ashamed of itself, and the citizens of this great city should not sit around and let such double-talking fascists ruin what should have been a good time.

I understand that pornography is not for everyone. Ya know what? Churches aren’t for everyone, either. That’s why we are allowed to go where we please and think how we wish. THIS ABSOLUTELY IS CENSORSHIP. To suggest otherwise, as [Code Enforcement Division manager] Matthew Conrad does, is utter bullshit. Zoning issues can be dealt with if the parties involved are willing to fill out the paperwork, which the people of Self Serve had done. When an event is prevented mere hours (or even days, actually) before it takes place, it is so there is not time to jump through the invented hoops. The city doesn’t even have the guts to stand up and admit they are censoring, instead they hide behind double-talk and red tape.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with down-and-dirty porno, and there’s plenty of places in Albuquerque to find that. The thing that is really mind-boggling about this situation is that Self Serve isn’t even one of the down-and-dirty places. It’s actually a well-run, local business that celebrates the beauty and naturalness of sex. It’s a DIY, feminist-leaning place of empowerment, and their goals with Pornotopia are to try and improve people’s libidos and sex lives. They’re not just some jerk-off store, but instead they provide a place where people can ask questions, feel comfortable, and express or entertain themselves in a safe environment. As for Pornotopia, it brings in revenue for the city, as well as adding a bit of flavor. And after the owners of Self Serve spent all the time and energy to organize this, how are they treated? Like kids caught necking behind the bleachers. "Hey, nope, sorry! Can’t do that! Not here at least!" Give me a break.

Letters: Use (Free Speech) Protection Use (Free Speech) Protection

[Re: News, “Porn Festival Screwed,” Oct. 28-Nov. 3] I would NOT be thrilled if a “regular” porn festival started in my community either, but this one is so very different. Sadly, that is what is lost upon most of those twho would oppose Pornotopia. When I think of “porn,” I think of sex scenes and movies that are filmed for the male libido and a quick pull. NEXT! Pornotopia films are not that. One series Pornotopia showed the first year had real couple, in an almost documentary way, talking about the way they made love, had sex, and then they showed you on film what they were talking about. It brought passion and love into so-called porn! It turned out to be like watching Brad and Angelina get together in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but somehow the director forgot to cut away. HOT!!

Essentially, zoning be damned, I don’t understand why Pornotopia had to move, be altered or canceled because there were no pictures that minors (or anyone else for that matter) were exposed to and that includes graphic and suggestive film titles. Heck, the people in line for Pornotopia films looked like suburban middle-class citizens, which is more than I can say for
Rocky Horror fans. I’ve seen Rocky Horror showings in Nob Hill (Lobo Theater, New Years Eve, 2002) that had a much scarier looking and much more sex prone crowd. And this should go without saying, but NO minors are ever allowed into Pornotopia. I just don’t understand how people who would never be interested in attending such a film festival could have so much power in a society that protects free speech.

Sounds like we need NEW elected officials to express the diversity of our community and fill jobs in our zoning commission. It also sounds like some of our neighbors need to get their minds out of the gutter, stop judging others and worry about their own lifestyle choices first. It lastly makes me think that those who oppose Pornotopia are just jealous that so many of us in the community are having sex-positive communication while they are stuck in a missionary closet.

I support Pornotopia, Self-Serve, Molly Adler and Matie Fricker. I am a voting adult member of your community. I am NOT alone!

Letters: Hardly Moribund Hardly Moribund

[Film Review, Hereafter, Oct. 21-27] You are correct that Eastwood is not afraid to let a story unfold at its own pace. I do however think you are wrong about the payoff. In this world of instant gratification, even movies are expected to deliver more, sooner. This is a mistake.

However, in support of your argument, I was (at not quite 50) one of the youngest people in the theater for the showing. I suppose if you are a Ritalin kid, you might be better off catching
Jackass 3D .

Letters: Codependent Enabling? Codependent Enabling?

[Feature, “Election Guide,” Oct. 28-Nov. 3] Seems to me that basing a decision to not vote for Duran because of her campaign stance on voter photo identification is a poor choice. Setting aside the evidence of Herrera’s total incompetence, if Duran is elected she’ll still have to get the legislature (which will continue to be dominated by Democrats) to change the state’s election code to include a photo ID requirement—which, judging by past Republican efforts to implement, is something that’s simply not going to happen. In any case, if one considers that 49 percent of New Mexico voters are registered as Democrats and 32 percent as Republicans, doesn’t not voting for Duran just amount to increasing Herrera’s chances for remaining in office and her being able to continue abusing the office of the Secretary of State—is that what you’re endorsing?

Letters: Check The Open Space! Check The Open Space!

[Blog, “Where are all the sand hill cranes?,” Oct. 31] There are plenty of cranes in the open space near the Nature Center, along the Rio Grande and at Candelaria Farm. You just can’t see or hear them driving 80 mph on the highway. Get out of the car and take a walk!

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