Letters: Red Light Love

Red Light Love

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It is time to turn our red light cameras back on. It has been lightyears since all of our red light cameras have been removed. Now New Mexico is number one in pedestrian, bicycle, hit-and-run and motorcycle fatalities.

Albuquerque has become one of the worse places to live ever since all of our red light cameras were removed. Who wants to live in a place where everyone is getting killed by automobiles? That red light camera election was a non-binding election. It was just a survey. It is time that our City Councilors voted to bring back our red light cameras. Fifty-nine thousand people moved out of New Mexico in the last six years. The criminals and traffic violators took over our state. Please contact our new Mayor Keller and City Councilors to get our red light cameras back.

Letters: You’re Welcome You’re Welcome

I pick up your paper weekly to read the reviews on food, movies, TV and enjoy most of your articles. I also get the biggest laugh out of some of the over-the-top liberal rants in your letter section. I know your comics are meant to be facetious but can’t always tell about the letters. I hope the writers are not thinking their comments are anything but comical. I see the opposite type of things on conservative FB pages and also wonder if they think anyone takes their BS seriously.

Thanks for the giggles.

Letters: Diggin’ Don Diggin’ Don

In response to Don Schrader’s letter [v27 i28], I applaud him for his honesty and candor. It is very true that the majority of Americans have this kind of “USA! … USA!” attitude of how everybody in the world should feel and view the US as No. 1.

Well, as an ex-felon who has been here since my release from federal prison in April 2015, I have since that time been doing progressively better with my life. I have my own apartment, pay monthly bills (on time) and just strive and thrive to live, as Don Schrader says, on a very limited ($620 per month) income. My needs are all met, and since I do not use
any illegal drugs or drink alcoholic beverages, my life is good, indeed. I love to get the Alibi every week and look forward to, hopefully, reading a letter from Don Schrader.

Mr. Schrader
always has a very strong and eye-opening point of view for others to ponder. Thank you, Don. Once again you bring across another point of this country that could use much improvement, indeed!

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