Letters: Romney The Wall Street Puppet

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In hindsight, in the 2012 campaign, Willard Mitt Romney failed to achieve the full bore of his humanity. To do so would have been an affront to the soulless Tea Klux Klan Republican Party. All along, throughout the campaign, Romney was auditioning for the part of Wall Street Puppet. Romney had no deep understanding of the Tea Party rednecks who infest our southern tier and the Central Time Zone. Romney’s interest in the well-being of the middle and lower classes was zero: (0.0). He knows he’s a tight asshole and an arrogant pretty-boy douche bag. Anne and the boys know it, too. That fact will haunt him to his grave. In purgatory Mitt Romney will be eternally bitch-slapped by his father.

Greg Leichner

POB 1011

Placitas NM 87043


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