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Royal Rumble

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Now that the (star)dust has settled, can a sober look be taken at the Wedding Of The Century? American (post-feminist/post-modern) womanhood has not acquitted itself well in its morbid fascination with the British "Royal" Family. Yes, it’s "the princess thing," and males will never comprehend it; but, really. (Didn’t we already go through the Grace an-American-young-lady-can-become-a-real-princess Kelly thing decades ago?) One advantage of my decision to boycott the live broadcast of the spectacle was not being subjected to the sorry sight of that pitiable semi-person Prince Charles.

Letters: The Lies Of Tyrants The Lies Of Tyrants

Citizens of nations everywhere have been believing the lies of tyrants for hundreds of years. In the 20th century they believed the lies of Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and Fidel Castro. Some of them even believed the lies of Hitler. Plenty of people in the United States believed—and still believe—the lies of Lenin and of communism in general.

Stalin and Hitler believed each other’s lies and collaborated in leading their subjects into war and destruction worse than those subjects could ever have imagined. The cruelty of Stalin and Mao far exceeded that of Hitler. These communist tyrants, and communist tyrants everywhere, have always separated children from their parents and sent both parents and children to internment camps or sent them to be killed outright.

As a nation and as a people, will we learn from the past? Or will we continue to repeat the “mistakes” of National Socialist Germany? Will we continue to repeat the “mistakes” that are being repeated today, all day, every day, in the workers’ paradises of North Korea, communist China and Cuba?

Letters: Bus Stops Bus Stops

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