Letters: Schrader’s Favorite Contact Sport, Sen. Griego Is Right, Sen. Griego Is Wrong

Strong, Intimate Connections ...

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I have no interest in playing cards and table games. I treasure heart to heart conversations—the more deep, real and personal the better—with both men and women.

I have
no interest in watching or playing team sports. Competing with men to win games bores me as a waste of my precious time.

prize exercising one and a half hours every day plus much walking for me to stay lean, muscular and healthy. As much as possible, I aim to be the kind of men I am attracted to—both in body and in how I live.

favorite contact sport is licking ass, sucking cock and fucking certain men when we are passionately attracted to each other—giving and receiving intense pleasure— not pain and injuries! Why do many people use the words “fuck” and “cocksucker” to insult and curse?

Like many men and women, I am able to be openly, honestly and deeply in love with more than one person at the same time. Lifelong monogamy may work best for some people, but
not for all of us! A good parent can have a special bond of love with each of his or her children.

I would enjoy
free sex parties in homes with 10 or 15 men who have no shame and no hangups about being naked and having affectionate hot sex while others watch. Lean, muscular, healthy men who consume no booze, no cigarettes, no other drugs, no junk food. Early evening parties with beautiful romantic music like the longtime popular Mexican love song, “Volver, Volver.”

Strong, intimate connections … deep conversations … passionate sex and romance—
YES! Gracias a la vida!

Letters: Get ’Er Done Get ’Er Done

Sen. Eric Griego made some good points [Re: Guest Editorial, " Democracy for Sale," Jan. 28-Feb. 3] but left out the solution. You don’t need to be a professor of law to know it. Someone needs to argue the case the way Brown v. Board of Education overturned Plessy. Otherwise, justices could still rely on past decisions. Two, change the law by passing a constitutional amendment stating that corporations are not persons. The Constitution was amended frequently up until the ’70s. Now, for some reason, Americans just wait for a different Supreme Court. During the State of the Union Address, President Obama could have encouraged Americans to begin the process but didn’t. A teachable moment lost. Democracy requires informed citizens and action by their chosen representatives. So, Sen. Griego, get’er done, as Larry the Cable Guy would say. Or give me travel expenses and I will do it myself.

Letters: Sen. Griego Gets It Wrong Again Sen. Griego Gets It Wrong Again

It’s not democracy that’s for sale [Re: Guest Editorial, “Democracy for Sale,” Jan. 28-Feb. 3], it is politicians. Corporations and others are almost forced to get involved in politics due to the predatory agenda of many politicians. When a greedy pol can shut you down via legislation, the prospect of paying protection money seems pretty reasonable.

The real issue here is the First Amendment and free speech. The answer is not limiting speech (the answer to bad speech is more speech, not less) but limiting government.

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