Letters: Severely Disappointed

Severely Disappointed

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Three weeks ago, in the Jan. 7 issue, I read a great Alibi article, titled "More Than Reality Allows," all about local punk legend Jessica Mills. Her presence in this city is one of the best things about Albuquerque, and it was a delight to read a fun, informative article about her, and it wasn’t until after reading the online article that I noticed it was written by Maggie Grimason, my favorite Alibi staff member.

Then the print version came out and that same article was credited not to Grimason, but to August March. What a bummer, especially since most people are going to see and believe the print version rather than the online version. Of all the typos or mistakes that might slip through a major newspaper, getting the author of an article wrong is the most unforgivable. There is a reason papers list writers: It allows the reader to imagine the conversation being presented. The reason that article was so great was because it was Grimason who wrote it. A strong female writer interviewing a strong female musician.

By whatever, right? Mistakes happen. There’s always next week.

So I read the Jan. 14 issue. Cover to cover. Nowhere in those printed pages did I see any mention of the mistake, any apology, any correction. Not even one line. "Dear readers, we are sorry to say that the best article in issue 1 was not written by March, but by Grimason." I went from being severely disappointed to severely pissed off.

Please correct and apologize to the public. Come clean, and give Grimason the credit she deserves.

Letters: Response To Severely Disappointed Response To Severely Disappointed

You’re right: Credit should be given where it’s due. And now, in print, is the correction you have been waiting for, "Correction: The article ‘More Than Reality Allows’ (Jan. 7-13, Vol. 25 Issue 1) was written by Maggie Grimason, not August March as appeared in print. We apologize for the confusion." Boom.

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