Letters: Sex Sells, Love The Sun And Opposition To Gmo Chile

Sex Sells, And I Ain’t Buyin’

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Just got done reading this week’s issue featuring the sex survey. Hhhhm. I’m not bothered by the fact you did a sex survey, but I am taken aback by how graphic the results were presented in print form, not to mention how provocative/questionable the cover art was as well.

I get it; you’re trying to be edgy. OK, but I’d like to point out that because the
Alibi is so well distributed, and it’s free, it gets seen by everyone, kids included. How about a little class and decorum here? You can do a survey of this type without being so obvious by the way it was presented. I’d be curious if any advertisers echoed this same sentiment.

I’m not offended as I’m more weirded out by the fact that a professional editor actually gave this content a green light to be printed knowing that it’s going to be seen by a wide range of people of all ages, value systems, ideologies, etc. Interestingly enough, the cover art and survey printed near the front of the
Alibi were more graphic than the adult ads you run in the back section.

All I’m saying is, maybe next time show a little restraint in how articles are presented in a weekly mag that, in a way, represents our town. Locals and tourists read the
Alibi. Let’s showcase our city and not misrepresent it or make it look bad by what gets printed all in the name of trying to be cool or hip. Gotta stay classy here.

Just sayin’, somethin’ to think about …

Letters: Who Loves The Sun? Who Loves The Sun?

Do you want your children or future grandchildren growing up in Coal-buquerque, NM?

As a New Mexico native, I know firsthand that New Mexico is one of the sunniest states in the US—in fact, New Mexico has 300 sunny days a year. The solar industry has increased its job growth by 19.9 percent by providing over 23,000 jobs since September 2012; that is more than 10 times the national employment growth rate, which increased a measly 1.9 percent. The increase in solar power jobs makes New Mexicans rely less on fossil fuels.

This comes as good news to New Mexicans because New Mexico currently ranks 10th in the US for solar power jobs. Solar power is not only providing jobs for New Mexicans and pulling people out of unemployment, but it is also saving people money. Solar companies report 51.4 percent of customers are going solar to save money and another 22.9 percent because costs are now competitive with utility rates. (bit.ly/1aDm38m)

Solar energy is renewable and clean; it isn’t polluting our land, water and air like fossil fuels are. It’s also providing New Mexicans with jobs and is saving New Mexicans money. New Mexico is one of the sunniest states in the nation, and this opportunity needs to be taken advantage of. Action and support for solar energy needs to be taken now.

Letters: Re: The Chile Bowl Re: The Chile Bowl

Thanks for posting this. It is something us "chile-loving" New Mexicans should all be concerned about. As far as the Colorado challenge to New Mexico, I think all of us here in New Mexico are quietly falling off of our chairs in hysterics. I do believe there is some conjecture that the chile seeds arrived in New Mexico in the droppings of birds from South America. Whatever the variety, I love chile from Hatch. I know that some diehard norteños will insist on Chimayo, but I prefer Hatch. Fortunately I found a good online source, so I can get it wherever I may be in the US.

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