Letters: Sexism In Theater Is Alive And Well, Ortiz Y Pino Despairs Over Obama, N.m. Libertarians = The "We Got Ours" Party

An Even Playing Field?

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The second to the last paragraph says more about the reviewer than the festival [ Performance Review, "Ladies’ Night," Jan. 21-27]. Though, it might seem to Christie Chisolm that sexism is not present in theatre (professional or community), it is alive and well.

There is no even playing field. Plays by women are far less produced than plays by men. Plays by women are expected to have greater ticket sales in order to stay in performance as long as those by men. Plays about women are given the label "Woman’s Play" (which is not a compliment) and shoved into a drawer.

Of course, there would be strange looks if someone declared a "Men’s Theatre Festival", but no one bats an eyelash when ALT declares an entire season of plays all written by men.

The institution of American Theatre is skewed toward men. Festivals and theatre companies that support women’s work are sometimes the only way these stories are told. These are the theatres that are worth supporting.

Letters: When Jerry Feels Despair Over Obama, We're In Trouble When Jerry Feels Despair Over Obama, We're In Trouble

I’ve always agreed 100 percent with Mr. Ortiz y Pino, so I find this post discouraging [ Ortiz Y Pino, "The Audacity of Soap," Jan. 21-27]. Things have gone very sour in one year, yet everyone forgets the absolute shit-hole that Obama rescued us from after eight years of Bush/Cheney. Perhaps he’s been slow to do some things, but jeez, we were in an absolute shit-hole a year ago, nothing to do with Obama, and everyone is judging him on the state of affairs today, without recognizing where we came from. Please have hope, all you would-be deserters. Imagine where we’d be today with McCain/Palin? (I shudder)

Letters: Ugh! Paul Gessing Ugh! Paul Gessing

[Re: Blog, "NM Blogosphere Roundup: Los Poblanos, ABQ Public Sprawl, hating on the Rail Runner, UrbanABQ 2009"] I like how someone named the NM Libertarians the "We Got Ours" party. It’s pretty fitting seeing that they seem to bitch about anything thats for the common good and things that help low-income families. I watched several news pieces on the Rail Runner (and read a couple more), every time the reporter asked Rail Runner riders if they were willing to pay more to keep the train going, they all said they were down. So there you go Paul, your question has been answered. I’m just wondering when he starts campaigning against highways, libraries, and community centers because those damn things aren’t making us any money either. Better get rid of em quick ….

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