Letters: Surviving An Apocalypse, Give Up Your Seat, Get That Paper, Chechnyan/Russian

Surviving An Apocalypse

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I have been doing organic gardening for more than 30+ years. I have built stone houses, one of them 28 feet high. I have built solar greenhouses. I have had a bike since I was a child.

My question: Other than by doing a rain dance, how does one produce water? That is, if the drought continues to the point where the dust bowl of the 1930s is minor by comparison (very possible), this will be a handy skill. Please advise.

Letters: Give Up Your Seat Give Up Your Seat

This editorial is targeted at all bus riders. It is not strictly targeted at young folks, but to full-fledged adults who seem either to ignore the signs, or simply can’t read the signs that are posted on the bus regarding the elderly and the disabled people, but should also include young children and parents with small children or infants.

On the city buses, directly where the front seats are located, two signs—one on each side of the bus—are posted that state:

Federal Law 49 CFR 37.167 Requires: These seats must be vacated for Seniors and disabled persons.

Another sign that is posted directly below these signs states: Priority Seating for The Disabled and Elderly.

I am disabled, have a cane, wear an oxygen tank and need a preferred seat near the front door. My husband has fused discs in his back and prefers seating near the front for easy access. I’ve seen both old and young alike ignore people who rightly should have a front seat, and it is entirely disrespectful and uncalled for. Even my husband and I get up for people less fortunate than us.

It should be a matter of common sense and common courtesy for healthy individuals to give up the front seats that rightfully belong to the less fortunate, elderly and mothers with young children and infants. I truly believe that if the college and university students made a point of either ignoring the front seats and passing by, or giving up their seats, they would make the perfect examples for other people to do the same.

Respect and courtesy is really missing badly in our world today, and it’s time for people to speak up and bring it back to our culture.

Letters: Get That Paper Get That Paper

In reference to "UNM Tuition Doubles Over Past Decade,” Jack Fortner, President of the UNM Board of Regents, states that "It’s never easy to raise tuition.” It certainly seems to me that it has become way too easy.

Letters: Chechnyan/Russian Chechnyan/Russian

Chechnya is part of the nation called Russia. So the nationality of the Caucasian (white) Boston bombers is Russian, not Chechnyan. So how come our mainstream media are not calling them Russian? To call Chechnya a ‘breakaway republic’ is misleading—it has not successfully broken away, and is not a republic in the sense of being a different country. But no, we maintain this deception because we don’t dare respond on Russian soil the way we have when attacked from non-white, non-nuclear countries: invade, occupy, hammer in a permanent military base and bomb their brown-skinned butts back to kingdom come.

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