Letters: Take Care Of Yourself

Take Care Of Yourself

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I went to a local free food distribution. I saw no healthy food. No wonder all the diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, alcoholism, mental illness, crime! Now age 70, I have studied health for 41 years. Hundreds of articles, books, documentaries, speakers, conversations, my own experiences … always more to learn.

The Max Planck Institute in Germany found that cooking food usually destroys half the protein, about 60-70 percent of assimilable vitamins and minerals, up to 96 percent of vitamin B
12 and nearly 100 percent of enzymes (the life energy) and phytonutrients. Raw plant foods have about 10,000 phytonutrients—natural plant chemicals necessary for health. Cooked food is dead—slow poison. Never heat raw plant foods over 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

I consume no cigarettes, no booze, no soda, no coffee, no street drugs, no prescription drugs, no meat, no dairy, no processed crap, no cooked food, no restaurant meals. I average about $4 a day on food. I saw my mother and my dad both suffer severe illness for decades, largely because of junk food and too little exercise, sunshine and good sleep. I do not want to suffer the hell they endured.

I am strongly sexually attracted to certain lean, fit, healthy men, so I eat, exercise, sunbathe, walk and sleep to be lean, fit and healthy myself.

My main food every day is my freshly blended green smoothies containing soaked millet, flaxseed, garlic, purified water with alfalfa,
quelites or sweet potato leaves from my garden. I also eat blended carrots and lots of fruit!

Sadly, many people take far better care of their car, house and pets than of their own body. The
only material possession we each have from birth to death is our body. No other material possession can give us more misery or more pleasure. And I want pleasure! Why suffer?

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