Letters: The Devil Made Don Do It

The Devil Made Don Do It

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So the Wall Street Journal has “accidentally” released an article that Trump now says his order to kill an Iranian general is the result of pressure applied by a select group of Republican Senators. Where do I begin?

First off, Trump
always blames others for getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. This is no exception. His accusation is ludicrous on the face of it. The most likely roster of Senators who are supposed to have applied this pressure have already stated publicly or privately that they will violate their juror’s oath of impartiality in an impeachment trail for the sole purpose of protecting Trump from being convicted. This being the case, there would be no apparent reason to make such a Mafia-style deal with him. He’s basically claiming they have committed quid pro quo here. If true, it makes them as immoral, corrupt, and [as] criminal as he is.

Though it is clearly evident that they do possess these character failings, considering Trump’s total failure to take responsibility for any of his heinous actions, my suspicion is that, in fact, the murder of the Iranian general was purely Trump’s idea, and he is simply now trying to convince us it’s “not my fault! They made me do it!” to get out of trouble. Finger-pointing is job #1 with him.

Second, let’s consider Trump’s track record with telling the truth. He doesn’t. His failure at telling the truth is monumental. So, why would the
WSJ try to bury this information? Trump’s continual lying is legendary, and for the WSJ to have this information is the scoop of the century. Any responsible journalist or news source who takes the First Amendment seriously would see it as a duty to the American people to print this information.

Thirdly, anyone who murders another person for his or her personal gain or other self-interest is a psychopath. Add that to the other 16 out of 20 characteristics of a psychopath Trump possesses, this latest episode of his mental illness is the final nail in the coffin.

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