Letters: The Good Ol’ Daze, The Dead In The Fe, Nm Fashion And Abq Jazz

The Good Ol’ Daze?

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As many people who look at a very short period of time do, they have a distorted view. Albuquerque was a nice place to live prior to the early ’90s. There was no gay pride parade or Alibi . Things were very nice. Then the miscreants came to the scene. Albuquerque degenerated into the cesspool it is today.

Letters: The Dead In The Fe The Dead In The Fe

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I am a longtime reader of the Alibi and a longtime Deadhead. While it was great to see August March’s article in your March 19-25 edition about the new Grateful Dead book No Simple Highway, it seems that he should concentrate on the facts and not fluff the truth or his ego. He states, “I traveled up to Santa Fe several times to experience The Dead firsthand.” The Grateful Dead only played Santa Fe, N.M. once, on Sept. 11, 1983. I do not know how Mr. March could have seen them more than that one time in Santa Fe. (The Dead did play in Albuquerque once also, at Civic Auditorium on Nov. 17, 1971.) I am sure Mr. March’s article would have read just as well and been just as informative if he had told the truth about how many times he has seen The Dead. I appreciate his knowledge and appreciation of The Dead’s music and scene and enjoyed his article too, but there was no need to embellish his story. Or maybe he thinks he did see them more than once in Santa Fe; that would be an interesting story. Keep on truckin’!

—Darren Pfeffer

Alibi Managing Editor Samantha Anne Carrillo responds:

The Grateful Dead played three shows in the City Different at The Downs at Santa Fe. Two of these concerts happened in September 1983, and one went down in October 1982. Mr. March drove up to Santa Fe and back for
all three shows to catch The Dead in action.

Letters: Re: Not Just Turquoise And Fringe Re: Not Just Turquoise And Fringe

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On fashion manufacturing in New Mexico:

It’s like anything—you have to know the right people who can connect you. We have "manufacturers" here already. In fact, I bought a building and am nearly tripling my square footage. We expect to open June 1, co-locating three manufacturers in the same building. The facility will also house the Albuquerque Fashion Incubator and offer training opportunities in a real factory environment.

It’s been puzzling to those of us in the trade that we’ve never gotten a single referral from AAC—which is the reason why we started ABQ Fashion Incubator. We hope to be more effective at connecting designers to resources that already exist here. Minimums are lower too. One can get as little as one piece made, although better pricing is available at quantities of 50 or more.

It’s kind of crazy. My business has been here for 20 years come August. And 99.99 percent of our customers come to us from out of state, but New Mexico designers are going to LA? Like I said, crazy. That’s why we’ve started the Albuquerque Fashion Incubator. Hopefully, New Mexico residents will benefit with more clarity and openness.

Letters: Re: How To Encounter Duke City Jazz, Pt. Ii Re: How To Encounter Duke City Jazz, Pt. Ii

Great interview [with Tom Guralnick]! I remember all of those people and venues! Vibes player Hari Hamilton, add that to the list … keyboardist Arnold Bodmer, who was later in Alma too, who started with rock band The Sox … Zimbabwe Nkenya … come to mind too. So many to remember!

—Dwight Loop

Great look into history! I remember being an underage jazz fan and still being allowed to "join" the Mirror Lounge. I always thought it was Bobby Foster who owned the club. It was a gas seeing cats like Fenton Katz and Arlen Asher (among others), who were our APS music teachers, cutting loose and blowing minds. Danbi’s was the first place where I ever saw Hawaiian pizza offered. The jams were just as tasty.


In the interest of accuracy only—not to be nitpicky—The Roost is entering its seventh season this year.

—Mark Weaver

I remember Danbi’s well. I did not know there was a cool club on Broadway though.

—Gene Hill

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