Letters: The Joy Of Nudity

The Joy Of Nudity

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To be naked or not to be naked, be naked! (Darnok via morguefile)
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I love living naked at home and nearly naked elsewhere when I am warm enough. Most humans are the only animals who feel ashamed of their naked bodies and feel compelled to cover their genitals. Why be more ashamed of our genitals than our noses? Why be more ashamed of our ass cheeks than our face cheeks?

I ask all who believe God created our bodies–how can any inch of our bodies be indecent or obscene? Most religious people suffer from body shame and clothes addiction.

For thousands of years, many Native peoples worldwide had the good sense to take of most or all clothes when it was warm enough and to put clothes on when cold.

Most US jobs require covering most of the body, even in summer. Most US jobs enforce rigid conformity and reject body freedom, natural comfort and environmental sanity. India has more than three times the US population, but India uses less electricity for all purposes than the US uses just for air cooling. I have no air conditioner or swamp cooler in my home. I open the door and windows at night. I use a small fan. I would never want to spend summer imprisoned in sweaty clothes covering most of my skin. I strongly support equal rights for women to be top-free in public as I am, if they want to be.

When my mother and father were alive, I was often naked as an adult in their presence. I first experienced mixed public nudity of men and women at Spence Hot Springs in the Jemez in the early 1970s. For many years I posed naked for hundreds of artists at UNM, Illinois colleges and art groups in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Fancy clothes often hide body abuse, neglect and fat. Living naked keeps me devoted everyday to eating only raw plant foods and to exercising vigorously.

Why are most people more ashamed of being seen naked than they are of paying federal income tax to murder our sisters and brothers abroad in war?

I enjoy living as naked as the weather and laws allow. I have paid no federal income tax for war for 37 years.

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