Letters: Trump And Epa

Trump And Epa

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Trump and Republican leaders are unapologetically focused on removing all regulations and laws that were established to safeguard the American people from industries who pollute our environment. Scott Pruitt’s selection to head the EPA is proof of their intent. They call it “business-friendly.”

Have people forgotten the reasons why these regulations were put in place? Industry leaders are focused on profits. Historically they have shirked responsibility for burning rivers, smog, high cancer rates, lead and mercury poisoning, extreme weather events and extinctions. The 99 percent of Americans will pay with their health and tax dollars.

Letters: Support Early Childhood Services Support Early Childhood Services

The New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership strongly supports the establishment of an Early Childhood Services/Education Department.

Two bills proposing the creation of such a department have been introduced this session. We commend Senator Morales and Senator Padilla for their leadership on this issue.

These bills are not proposing that we expand government. Rather, they aim to increase coordination and effectiveness by bringing together the myriad of early childhood programs and services currently managed by a number of state agencies.

Establishing an early childhood services/education department will elevate the prominence of early childhood. New Mexicans have a long history of support for children and families. We know that 85 percent of a child’s brain develops before the age of 5. We are fortunate in that our Legislature and the Executive support funding early learning opportunities.

Let’s take this important step to ensure that all children in our state receive a great start.

Letters: On Overpopulation On Overpopulation

I write this letter sincerely believing that it will not be published: 40 years of writing on this very subject have fallen on deaf ears, but I write. I must because, honestly, I don’t know what else to do. People throughout the world, I fear, have now been pushed beyond that “eleventh hour.” The recent US election, merely exemplifies how far from a reasonable center human society has strayed. But I could have predicted this when I was 13 years old. The #1 threat to human survival, as I see it, is human overpopulation. From food scarcity and water rationing to war, plague dwindling resources, environmental degradation, extinction of plant and animal life, climate change, civil unrest, economic and political instability, mass migrations of refugees, threats to national security—the list goes on. I can’t think of a one that hasn’t been strained almost to the breaking for the competing demands of nearly 8 billion people on planet Earth.

There is a logical solution to the problems we face, but very few seem to want to hear it. It is the “sacred cow” that must never be offended. Instead of suffering the horrible worldwide holocaust lying in wait, we could, instead, opt to bring fewer of us into the world. What I see is a disturbing mix of tribalism, antiquated cultural traditions that no longer serve us and serious religious overtones; whatever it is, the planet can no longer support our lifestyle choices, nor over a hundred years of hiding our heads in the sand. My parents had six children. I am #5 of 6 … I wish they’d stopped at three.

Letters: Thank You For Helping Me Resist! Thank You For Helping Me Resist!

Thank you for your Issue 5 “Fight!” article by Carolyn Carlson. I’ve already taken some of her suggestions and contacted my representatives. Please keep up the good work of getting the word out about how we can “resist!”

Letters: Trump Jeopardizing National Security Trump Jeopardizing National Security

As a former naval intelligence officer, I am concerned with the administration’s adverse impact on our national security. It appears Trump campaign aides, including former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, contacted Russian officials during the presidential election, and this might have compromised our democratic election process. Flynn was forced to resign because of his contact with the Russians.

An organizational change imposed by Trump is the appointment of Stephen Bannon, an extremist right wing political advisor, to the National Security Council (NSC). This could adversely impact military decisions and delay our responses to military threats because Bannon does not have any knowledge of military affairs and he could intervene with NSC decision-making processes.

Trump continuously accuses our intelligence agencies of leaking classified information to the press, and he has berated our intelligence agencies for the poor intelligence on Iraq’s military arsenal under Saddam Hussein.

We need our intelligence agencies to alert our military, the Trump administration and Congress on the status of adversarial governments and their military capabilities, deployments and threats. The security of our country could be in jeopardy due to the disruptive tactics and blame game used by the Trump administration against our intelligence agencies.

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