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Trump Tax Records

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The President’s actions that roil the stock markets make it more important than ever that his tax and current financial records be made public. He has said his tax records are of no interest to the public, only to the media. If that is true why doesn’t he let the public decide? There are enough persons in the nation who are anxious about his erratic behavior and even question his moral and ethical standards. His recent bunker mentality with his firings of those who don’t demonstrate enough adulation and sycophantic behavior do not inspire confidence in the markets or thoughtful persons. It’s important that Congress admit that his recent actions make it more important than ever that his and his family’s tax and current financial records be made public. His ability to time and excite market excursions for Trump family benefit is too plausible to ignore.

Letters: Praising The Prez Praising The Prez

In the April 12 issue of Alibi [v27 i15] the August March News/Interview column “And Without A Gun Violence Continues To Plague Burque,” the headline has little to do with what is written in the article. The column defies logic as the writer and interviewee use the pages to blast and blame President Trump to be the reason for Albuquerque, national and probably world violence. To begin the column, March laments the national malaise of “underlying poverty, lack of educational and economic opportunity and crushing deteriorations of the urban infrastructure … going on for years.” At the end of that tirade he submits such a malady to be a consequence of “the leadership chosen in the last US Presidential election.” Really? Years long malaise is attributed to our President who has been in office a year and a half. Not logical.

Reading on, interviewee Jeff Hartszer offers more outrageous slams to President Trump. “People have less money, they are not feeling good about themselves, global warming and extreme weather are causing extreme pessimism, feelings of uncertainty and anxiety,” he claims. After tallying that laundry list Hartzer knows the reason blaming, “those lapses in behavior on the current presidential administration.”

In a year and a half our “terrible” President led Congress to pass and then signed the biggest tax cut in 37 years benefitting virtually every American and all levels of businesses, sent the stock market on a streak surging 31 percent often called the best performance during the first year of any president, authorized record-setting rollbacks of restrictive regulations that unleashed numerous economic advantages. We have seen overall employment and rising wage growth, GDP increases over the final three quarters of 2017 are expected to continue in 2018, manufacturing, mining, energy and service sectors all up in percentage growth as well as technical services, and healthcare. Pensions of working and retired people have soared and millions of Americans have been paid bonuses which incidentally were sneeringly deemed "crumbs" by multi-millionaire Democrat House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi. Consumer confidence climbed in February to levels unseen since 2000. Beyond economic records the USA advanced in standing throughout the world as Trump and his administration have engaged North Korea and China and re-established warm relations with our international friends and allies while forcing ISIS into retreat.

After denouncing the President as “unstable, vile, ridiculous and embarrassing,” citing alleged relations with prostitutes and porn stars, Hartzer blurts out his most offense, outrageous opinion, “I think this President has unleashed all the inner darkness of America.” If you want vile, ridiculous and embarrassing presidential conduct, go look up the behavior of Jack Kennedy with his whores in the White House and Bill Clinton’s sexual besmirching of the oval office. None of Trump’s so called vile, ridiculous and embarrassing behavior occurred in or near the White House. In fact all of those alleged incidents happened long ago before his presidency and before he even thought about running for President.

Early in his column March suggests readers click on to CNN, a network whose coverage of Donald Trump is 90 percent negative. To balance that bias, I suggest readers go to Fox News, Newsmax or One America News to become exposed to the other side of the coin where readers will find the portrayal of President Trump to be nothing like what these two men, writer and interviewee, would have us believe.

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