Letters: Uk Cheerio And F. Chris Garcia Apologizes

Cheerio From The Uk

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Can you blame them for loving it? (Daniel Schwen, via Wikimedia Commons)
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During September of this year, we had the pleasure of visiting Albuquerque. As Anglo Saxons/Celts, we found the surrounding area facinating. The history of the Native Americans and many other nationalities was great to see.

At that time, our daughter Andrea was living in Cedar Crest, which was a fine example of beauty; the bobcat and coyote are just two of the native animals.

We also enjoyed a trip to Santa Fe. This also was so good; the Cathedral was so beautiful.

Sadly, we had to return to the UK, as our daughter was having to move because of divorce. However, we were so taken with Albuquerque that we plan to return and just take another look about.

I still read at the
Alibi website, just to see what’s going on down there.

Keep up the good work.

Letters: An Apology From F. Chris Garcia An Apology From F. Chris Garcia

Earlier this month (Nov. 6), the Daily Lobo ran a story about me, and I also was featured on a couple of local television stations regarding my relationship to the Southwest Companions website. I appreciate that KOAT allowed me to be interviewed by them. On the other hand, KRQE ran a scurrilous and sensationalist story, alleging to focus on the SWC website, but actually concentrating on further defamation of me. One of their so-called “investigative reporters” presented many half-truths, deceptive photos and even outright false statements.

I would like to emphasize that I was never a partner or associate of Mr. Flory. He was the sole owner, manager, webmaster and ultimate decision-maker on the board. Nor was I involved in the “recruitment” of any students or underage women. There was no human trafficking or racketeering involved. I was never even indicted in the case, because a NM District Court judge declined to present the case to a grand jury. The local District Attorney appealed the decision to the New Mexico Supreme Court. The Supreme Court rejected her appeal and ruled that I had not violated any New Mexico statute. No charges are pending; the case is now closed.

Nevertheless, I have written specifically to the students, faculty and staff of UNM through the
Daily Lobo to apologize to the UNM community, past and present, since I was so closely associated with and completely devoted to UNM for 48 years, as a student, faculty member, staff member and administrator.

Being essentially banned from the campus and any UNM facility by ex-president Schmidly has been particularly troubling to me. Although his letter of June 24, 2011 to me imposed several “temporary” sanctions “pending the outcome of the law enforcement investigations into (my) alleged criminal conduct,” I have not received any related correspondence from UNM over the two-and-a-half years since then. Where is there any adherence to the judicial canon of “innocent until proven otherwise” or to the due process in the UNM Faculty Handbook in this longterm, continuing banishment?

I also would like to issue a sincere public apology to my wife, to my family, to my friends and to the good people of this state for my being on that website and for any discomfort, embarrassment or pain that I have caused.

I greatly regret and am very remorseful for my uncharacteristic, inappropriate and aberrant behavior.

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