Letters: War On Climate Change Warnings, Standing Ground, Father Don Tells All

War On Climate Change Warnings

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As climate change causes increasing havoc across the face of our planet, the future market for weather derivatives is taking off, leading to financial exploitation of other people’s suffering in the manner of ongoing war profiteering.

What’s next? A Super PAC of corresponding Wall Street outfits emerges as the richest ever, and so gets to rule the world brutally by selfishly pushing the planet to the brink by insuring polluters on easy terms, then pulling the strings of its supremely funded puppet world leader so as to deploy weaponized weather satellites over huge protest rallies in disaster zones caused by punishing weather, with the assemblies of the afflicted being so large, they can be seen from space, hence easily taken out?

Letters: In Response To “Standing My Ground” By Ty Bannerman In Response To “Standing My Ground” By Ty Bannerman

I’ve carried a gun for 20 years. It started when I was hired to help a woman find her kidnapped teenage sister in the War Zone at 3am, the girl getting free from sexual captivity and finding a corner pay phone. The situation got a little hairy, so I decided to buy my first gun. Since then I’ve had to face down drug dealers who OD’d my passenger (it was four of them to my .357 six shooter), held my 9mm behind my back while dealing with a crazy person and a gun saved my life one time drawing my little .25 ACP before a drug-addled con drew his gun from behind his back. Why the little .25? In close quarters, and in cars, the smaller the gun the better as full loads .380 and up will deafen you for a day or so (and I joke how I used the little ‘palm’ gun once to stop a stolen semi truck!). Okay. I had a dangerous job, had guns pulled on me, a gun to my head once. But for home defense, in defense of your family and property, every US citizen has a duty and legal obligation to be competent in the use of a firearm. You also have to know the law. As you can see, in all my situations in 20 years I only showed (brandished) my gun twice and aimed it at a person once … ONE TIME … and he moved his hand away from his waistband and got real compliant. In 20 years, four incidents; but having that gun kept the odds in my favor.

Letters: Father Don Tells All Father Don Tells All

I have known gay priests as my friends. Many priests entered seminary as youth and never experienced much natural sexual exploration. Their sexual development was frozen! They were castrated without knives by strict sexual prohibitions. Years later they emerged into the world as parish priests—horny and lonely for intimacy but not prepared for mature romance. They related sexually largely to kids about the age the priests were when their sexual development was frozen. We can understand behavior without necessarily approving.

The Roman Catholic church has raped priests of a healthy sex life in adolescence and adulthood, poisoning them with the abominable lie that the more spiritual they are, the less they will need and yearn for passionate romantic intimacy.

Priests are sacrificed on the altar of this modern inquisition, thus avoiding a total conversion from evil and stupidity within the church, all of society and ourselves. Some priests raped youth, deeply harming them. Those priests need to repent for that, but this is NOT the root of the problem. The Roman Catholic church and most religions need a thorough conversion of their obsession with shame, secrecy and guilt toward ALL sex!

I understand the rage many Catholics feel. They were taught from childhood on to feel heavy shame and guilt about masturbation, sexual desires and any sex outside heterosexual church marriage—whether male and female, female and female, male and male—and to confess these as sins privately to their priest. Then these Catholics find out some “celibate” priests were having sex with parish kids. Priests are the paid ambassadors of the Vatican’s longtime sever sexual repression, but some priests secretly reject those rules for themselves and rape youth.

Probably not all the accusers are telling the truth. Some may be lying to get a big money settlement. Some may not have felt victimized at the time, but have been caught up in the recent hysteria. Many others did suffer sever trauma—not just because of the sexual act, but also the secrecy, shame and guilt about sex instilled by church, parents and society.

My longtime close friend in his 60s, who was a Catholic brother years ago, remembers a priest whom he loved when he was a teenager. Sometimes they slept together naked but did not have sex. My friend enjoyed the relationship and years later wished they had had sex.

Many adults decades ago when they were under 18 had consensual, affectionate sex with priests or other adults, but they now fear to go public about those experiences in this sexually insane society.

Because of the MANY severe risks for both youth and adult, it is NOT wise now in this society to have youth/adult sex—no matter how mutually consensual and affectionate. Such youth/adult relationships are as taboo and dangerous here and now as mutually consensual, affectionate sexual relationships were taboo and dangerous between a black person and a white person for centuries, especially in the US south.

No one, young or old, should ever use lies, threats, force, fear, booze or other drugs to get sex with someone of any age!

If zero tolerance were applied to many parents who have or cursed their children, they would permanently lose custody of their children! What if zero tolerance were applied to cops, judges, corporations … for one serious violation of someone’s rights? Can soldiers who killed children in war repent of their evil, be forgiven and change? Can anyone change and be forgiven for evil committed? Why can many Catholics far better accept their priest’s alcoholism or cigarette addiction than for him to celebrate publicly his romance with an adult man or woman?

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