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We Suck

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[Re: Letters, “Schrader’s Reasons Not to Smoke,” July 7-13] You are seriously disgusting.

Letters: New Mexico Film New Mexico Film

[Re: Blog, “The Coen Brothers’ latest gambit,” July 6] New Mexico’s Film Crew Advancement Program offers up to 25 percent film production tax rebate IF the state’s new $50 million cap hasn’t been reached. Variety reports that the film Seven Below had been set to shoot earlier this year in New Mexico but the cap on our state’s production tax credits caused producers to move the shoot to Cincinnati, Ohio, where production’s set to begin next month. California is moving to provide $100 million a year in tax credits for film and TV productions.

Letters: Good Times At The Rockabilly Blowout Good Times At The Rockabilly Blowout

[Re: Music, “Rock Around the Clock,” July 7-13] Good show, good times, great art, great people. One of the most laid-back special events I’ve been to in a while. It’s the kind people that made this fun to attend. I’ll be back next time.

Letters: Ap Stylebook Ap Stylebook

[Re: Blog, “A stylish hookup,” July 6] As it turns out, there IS a Fake AP Stylebook book: it’s called Write More Good: An Absolutely Phony Guide , and it came out a few months ago.

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