Letters: Where’d The Red Light Cameras Go?, When The Spiders Became Alice Cooper, More On Sesame Balls, Re: In Defense Of Ronnie Daniels

Where’d The Red Light Cameras Go?

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I wanted to mention our recent crazy and reckless driving.

The two 25-year-olds were having sex while drunk and ran a red light. They wrecked into another car.

Ms. Pacheco ran three red lights at 1 a.m. in the morning while drunk.

She killed a bicyclist last year and only did three months in jail.

Our New Mexico traffic fatality rate went up by six percent.

It has everything to do with the complete removal of our 14 red light cameras. As of now we have none, a big fat zero.

Thousands of us moved out of Albuquerque since the removal of our red light cameras. Who wants to live in a place where you can get killed while crossing an intersection?

Letters: When The Spiders Became Alice Cooper When The Spiders Became Alice Cooper

This is a true story—I swear on my Nanas’ grave.

I was 17 when I saw The Spiders play here in Albuquerque. They played on a flatbed truck at Johnson Field (no longer there) to promote their show that night in Tijeras Canyon.

Fast forward to June 1968. I was visiting a friend in L.A. We went to the Shrine to see The Who, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. When the house lights came on for intermission, standing in front of us were three band members of The Spiders. I asked them, “Aren’t you The Spiders?” They said yes and that actually they had changed their name to Alice Cooper. I asked, “Did you get a female singer?” They said no—Frank Zappa had re-named them. So I find it very amusing; all of these crazy-ass stories about the origin of the name Alice Cooper.

And by the way, they were very friendly and said they loved Albuquerque, also they were gonna be playing the next day at Dodger Stadium. They named a few famous bands of the day they were billed with. But I had to return to Albuquerque the next day.

And that’s the truth.

Letters: More On Sesame Balls More On Sesame Balls

To add to Gail Guengerich’s recent review of places to get great Asian sesame balls, please take note of the storefront called Saigon Sandwich at 162 Juan Tabo NE, off Central. The best Banh Mi sandwiches and the best Banh Cam balls I have ever had.

Letters: Re: In Defense Of Ronnie Daniels Re: In Defense Of Ronnie Daniels

So many times, this kind of "something going wrong" happens to men in their late teens and early twenties. It seems pretty obvious what is happening is chemical (and I am not talking about drugs) and that the guy needs some help. Sad.

Letters: Re: In Defense Of Ronnie Daniels Re: In Defense Of Ronnie Daniels

Report the greatness. Why do sports writers have to report on the downfall of athletes? Why not report on the great things many athletes have done for themselves? Why continue making headlines on their downfall? Make headlines to inspire all. Make headlines that will make people want to read. Feel-good stories about great young people that have come from this great city. It is sad to hear about Ronnie Daniels’ troubles, and I really don’t think it is mine or anyones else’s business to know. Why does anyone want to hear about his downfall? I would rather hear about the young kids in track and field, youth soccer and all other sports than the downfall of a young man that I hope recovers and makes good someday. Shame on all sports writers to continually report the bad or the downfall on any athlete.

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