Letters: Your Misguidedness

Your Misguidedness

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I read your articles, at 54 years of age, living in NM since the ’70s. I disagree with the progressive movement on all counts. I’ve worked since a child, the road of hard knocks. Your view of our societal makeup couldn’t be any more polar opposite from how I view life and reality in the USA.

We are certainly at the crossroads in society, you pussies will fail. I’m sure you can’t fish, make your own bread, skin an animal to cook, make a fire, purify water, no survival skills. So depended on modern society.

All you progressive want everything for free. Can you work for anything? Who’s going to pay for running water, food, healthcare, etc. If everyone is feeding off a system were no one earns their keep. Like freaking homeless people, who don’t make an effort to succeed in life.

Mark my words, if the progressives take over the USA, this country will be conquered by the likes of China or Russia. You and your kind just don’t get it.

Letters: At Issue With Maakies At Issue With Maakies

It’s one of those things you come across that clings to your mind and won’t let go until you say something about it. It was in Maakies a couple of issues back—I don’t have the issue anymore [v27 i20], so I can’t give you the exact quote, but the teeny strip at the bottom is where I direct your attention. A small person says to the large person, “I’m gay.” The large person then leans in and whispers something to the small person. The small person responds, “I have to do what??” The implication being that the large person informed the small person of the “nasty” sexual things the small person would have to participate in if gay.

Plainly, it was a teeny touch of homophobia in a newspaper that is one of the Albuquerque LGBT community’s strongest allies.

Letters: A Response A Response

In response to Jason Reed’s "Very Concerned" letter to the editor as published in the current issue [v27 i22] of Alibi:

Fuck the NRA.

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