Mayor To Workers: About That Raise ...

Mayor To Workers: About That Raise ...

Carolyn Carlson
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Albuquerque city councilors were in a laid-back mood when they trimmed their lengthy agenda to less than a handful of items during the Monday, April 6 meeting. Before getting any real work done, they heard public comments for a couple of hours. Many speakers focused on funding city parks, but there were also remarks from blue-collar city employees protesting the mayor’s belt-tightening request.

Mayor Martin Chavez asked rank-and-file city workers to give up their promised 3 percent annual raise (due in July) and wait until January 2010 for an increase. Speakers said this plan would hurt those who do the most work to keep the city running smoothly. The mayor has said he made his entreaty to balance the upcoming fiscal year’s finances without layoffs or drastic cutbacks.

This quiet meeting also dealt with approving a long consent agenda consisting of accepting grant money, approving reports and doling out city contracts.

After some discussion, the Council voted 6-3 to approve some new zoning designations that will make it easier for property owners to develop their land with pedestrian-friendly design. "Form-based zoning," as it’s called, is a new concept for the city. Under it, regulations will lean more toward looking at how plans fit in with surrounding neighborhoods and not only at how property will be used.

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