News Quiz: Answer Me This: What Do You Know About Last Week’s New Mexican News?

Marisa Demarco
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1) Why did Mayor Richard Berry extend the city’s red-light camera program for four months?

a. To allow the city to bring in more revenue from the tickets

b. To pay off a debt to Redflex, the camera operators

c. To study their effectiveness

d. To convert them into surveillance cameras

2) A robber in Las Cruces broke into …

a. A mixed-martial arts fighter’s home

b. A National Rifle Association’s enthusiast’s home

c. The mayor’s home

d. A police officer’s home

3) How much will a ticket to outer space cost you?

a. $20,000

b. $200,000

c. $2 million

d. $2 and a lifetime of servitude to aliens

4) To help victims of domestic violence, volunteers are …

a. Standing guard at women’s homes day and night

b. Teaching self-defense courses at shelters

c. Preparing meals for women while they attend hearings and therapy

d. Working with police to track down abusers who are on the run

Answer Me This Answers

1) C. Berry is calling for an independent study to see if the long-criticized camera program increases traffic safety. The red-light cams hit the city under former Mayor Martin Chavez in 2004 and monitor 20 intersections.

2) D. The officer heard a noise in her home in the dead of night. She called 911, and when police arrived, they discovered footprints leading from her window to a house about a block away. The suspect, who lives with his mom, was discovered holed up in a bathroom.

3) B. Virgin Galactic plans to sell tickets on the SpaceShipTwo, the world’s first commercial spaceship, for $200,000. That’ll buy you 150 minutes in space, with about five minutes of weightlessness. Spaceport America in Southern New Mexico may see launches in late 2010 or early 2011.

4) A. Ordo Dei Imperceptus is a group of volunteer bodyguards who will monitor an abused woman’s home when she fears her ex will return. The group providing free protection is religious but nondenominational. Volunteers are trained to talk an abuser into leaving peacefully or, in worst-case scenarios, make a citizen’s arrest.
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