Newscity: Boxcutter Attack, Gary Johnson, Flying Cockroaches And Apd Compromises Trust

Joshua Lee
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A man is accused of attacking two people with a box cutter late Saturday night. Police say the unnamed man allegedly stabbed and lacerated the two victims after an argument broke out on Central and San Mateo. All three were reported to have been drinking before the altercation began. Both victims were cut multiple times and were rushed to UNM hospital. Their injuries were not life-threatening. The accused man was taken into custody by police at the scene.

Gary Johnson Returns Home For Rally

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson hosted a rally in Albuquerque last Saturday supporting his presidential campaign under the Libertarian ticket. He was joined by vice presidential nominee, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld. Hundreds attended the rally, which was held at the Albuquerque Convention Center, where Johnson said their campaign was gaining momentum and declared that he would be “the next President of the United States.” Among his campaign promises: A balanced budget within 100 days of gaining office, the descheduling of cannabis as a schedule I substance and making it easier for immigrants to legally enter the US.

More Flying Cockroaches In Abq

Warm temperatures in ABQ this summer have brought an overabundance of flying cockroaches—also called Turkestan cockroaches. This species of cockroach has only been in the US since the 1970s, and has been quickly displacing the more familiar oriental cockroach in the Southwest. Experts say the Turkestan cockroach lays more eggs and matures more rapidly than the oriental roach, which means they are not only better equipped to take the oriental roach’s territory, they’re also harder to exterminate. Earlier this month, a California high school reported a continuing infestation of Turkestan cockroaches that has been going on for nearly three years.

Lapel Videos Show Apd Making Arrests At Syringe Exchange

New Mexico In Depth published footage from APD lapel cams depicting arrests made on June 28 at a state-run mobile syringe exchange van. The videos show police officers carrying assault rifles and wearing face masks entering the van after reportedly following up on an anonymous tip that an armed man and woman were selling large amounts of heroin. Officers followed the couple throughout the day and decided to arrest them as they entered the vehicle. Police say they were unaware of the fact that the van was a state-sanctioned syringe exchange at the time of the arrest, but interactions between the officers and witnesses at the scene imply the opposite. According to the report, APD officials also claim that officers never interacted with state employees during the arrests, which the footage shows to be untrue. Health professionals worry that targeting fugitives near syringe exchanges will damage the already tenuous relationship between those operating the state health services and the community.
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