Newscity: Officers Cleared Of Charges, Delegates Support Trump And Someone Needed A Smoke

Joshua Lee
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Three Albuquerque police officers have been cleared of all charges in the 2013 non-fatal shooting of Shaine Sherrill. According to Second Judicial District Attorney Kari Brandenburg’s report, the officers were called to the 2000 block of Wyoming NE by Sherrill’s girlfriend after a confrontation with him on December 1, 2013. Sherrill, who had previously told officers that he wanted to be “shot by police” and threatened to commit “suicide by cop,” allegedly reached into his waistband, pulled out an object that the officers say appeared to be a firearm, and raised his arms to eye-level as though aiming a weapon. The officers then opened fire on Sherrill—firing about 26 shots, three of which hit him. The object in question was revealed afterward to be a long-handled black knife that Sherrill was pointing at officers in shooter’s stance to “simulate a gun,” according to forensics, witness testimony and lapel video. Last Friday, July 15, the DA’s office found “no probable cause” to charge the three officers, and said that the officers actions were proper for the situation.

N.m. Delegates Support Trump At Convention

The New Mexico Republican Party sent 24 delegates to the Republican National Convention at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on Monday. Debbie Maestas, chairwoman of the Republican Party of New Mexico, told the Albuquerque Journal that although some members of the delegation are not supporters of Donald Trump—the presumptive GOP presidential nominee—most are, and the delegation as a whole is unified in its stand behind the Republican forerunner. This follows a marked increase in Trump’s popularity nationally as supported by recent polls. Senate Democrats met last Thursday with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the US Capitol, where Trump’s rising popularity was discussed. Many Republican figureheads—including former President George W. Bush and former presidential nominee Mitt Romney—will not be attending the convention because of their differences with Trump. Governor Susana Martinez will be attending, but will not be speaking as she did in 2012.

Armed Man Accused Of Threatening Group Over Cigarette

According to a criminal complaint made Friday, four men were gathered in Los Altos Park near Eubank and I-40, when they were approached by John Archuleta, who allegedly brandished a butcher knife at the group after they denied his request for a cigarette. According to the police report, Archuleta punched one of the men before running away. Police later found him with the knife in his possession, and say that he kicked one of the officers in the shin. A witness to the alleged kick agreed to provide a written statement in support of the officers, and was threatened by Archuleta, according to the complaint. Archuleta was arrested on three counts of aggravated assault, one count of intimidation of a witness and one count of battery on a police officer.
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