Newscity: Real Id, Webster Murder Video And Foreclosures

State To Issue Real Id Cards

Joshua Lee
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Next week, MVD will begin issuing federally-compliant REAL ID and driver authorization cards in a compromise that ends a struggle between state legislators and the federal government over the new, tougher federal requirements. For years, Governor Susana Martinez and state Republicans have fought to repeal a state law that allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. Democrats and those in favor of the law argued that denying someone an ID effectively cuts them off from receiving medical care and finding jobs. But the Obama administration announced that passengers will not be allowed to board commercial flights or enter certain areas in federal buildings after January 2018 if they hold an ID from a state that is not in compliance with the REAL ID Act. Last March, Martinez signed a law that would allow anyone who didn’t want to apply for a REAL ID, for whatever reason, to obtain a driver’s authorization card instead. To receive the card, applicants will be required to prove residency and proof of identity, submit to a background check and have their fingerprints taken. The announcement, made by the Taxation and Revenue Department last Friday, did not specify what documents will be required for the new REAL ID cards. The state will begin issuing both cards Nov. 14.

Judge Releases Video From Webster Murder Case

US District Court Judge Christina Armijo announced that video evidence used against Davon Lymon in relation to his upcoming murder trial will be released to the public, which Officer Daniel Webster’s widow has spoken out against. The announcement was made after formal murder charges were filed against Lymon, who police say shot down Officer Webster during a traffic stop over a year ago. Webster pulled Lymon over when his motorcycle’s license plates came back as stolen. According to the criminal complaint, Lymon then shot Webster and fled the scene. The video evidence—which will be released on Nov. 14—is made up of camera footage from Officer Webster’s lapel cam, security video from a nearby Walgreens, Lymon’s interview and a police helicopter camera. Lymon, a felon, was convicted for carrying a gun the night of the murder in a separate case.

Abq's Foreclosure Rate Lowest Since 2009

The city’s foreclosure rate is the lowest it’s been since 2009, according to a CoreLogic report. The analytics company reports that Albuquerque’s highest foreclosure inventory rate was 4.2 percent in April, 2012. Since then, the rate has steadily decreased to 1.68 percent in August of this year. The rate is still significantly higher than the national average, however, which was 0.9 percent in August. The rate is measured according to the number of home loans currently in the foreclosure process. A foreclosure happens when an owner loses their right to a property, usually due to defaulting on a loan. According to the report, the three states with the highest foreclosure inventory rates are New Jersey (3.2 percent), New York (2.9 percent) and Maine (1.8 percent).
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