Newscity: Trump Promises Hospital, Crowded Parks Could Lead To Closures, Gop: Make Voters Request Ballots

Trump Promises Hospital

Joshua Lee
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President Donald Trump has promised Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to have an Army hospital built in Albuquerque to help battle the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to
KRQE, Lujan Grisham discussed the issue with Trump during an hour-long conference call with in which she mentioned that two national laboratories are located in the state. According to the governor, failing to contain the virus near these labs could constitute a national security risk.

Lujan Grisham also brought up the
health emergency facing tribal communities as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Navajo Nation reaches more than 100. “We’re seeing incredible spikes in the Navajo Nation, and this is going to be an issue where we’re going to have to figure that out and think about maybe testing and surveillance opportunities,” she told the president. She also said the spread of the virus on tribal lands has produced higher hospital rates than in other places. “And it could wipe out those tribal nations,” she added.

Last week, the governor requested that a staffed 248 bed US Army hospital be built in Albuquerque under the operational control of New Mexico National Guard Brigadier General Michele K. LaMontagne. During the conference call with Trump, the president told Lujan Grisham: “We’ll build you that hospital as quickly as we can.”

The president said the hospital will be built by April 10.

Newscity: Crowded Parks Could Lead To Closures

Authorities are warning that increased use of public spaces could lead to closures.

According to
KOB, Bernalillo County spokesperson Tom Thorpe told reporters that when people congregate at local parks and trails in large groups, they are not practicing proper social distancing. He said the crowds that authorities have seen at these outdoor locations could potentially lead to the spread of COVID-19. “And if you can’t do it on your own, believe me, eventually the state, or the county, or the city—we will all get together and help you make those decisions,” Thorpe said. Last week Bernalillo County closed all playgrounds amid similar concerns over groups of children potentially spreading of the virus.

Residents are being asked to exercise near their homes. “We don’t want it so stringent that people can’t live their lives and enjoy a walk with their family,” Thorpe said, “but we do want them to take the necessary precautions.”

Newscity: Gop: Make Voters Request Ballots

The New Mexico Republican Party has spoken out against proposed universal mail-in balloting procedures to substitute in-person voting.

Associated Press reports that 27 county clerks have petitioned the New Mexico Supreme Court to institute mail-in voting procedures that would issue ballots to more addresses—even those which have historically not responded to election mail but are not listed as inactive voters.

But the New Mexico Republican party and a small number of county clerks are requesting that registered voters be asked to submit an application for a ballot before it is mailed or hand delivered. The party wants to convene a special session to discuss the problem.
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