Marisa Demarco
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For a couple of weeks, I’ve been asking people who aren’t going to vote to contact me and tell me why. Nonvoters aren’t without opinions; they’ve got lots to say on the topic. This week is your last chance to phone me up and use me as an amplifier. Call 346-0660 x. 245 or e-mail with a subject line of “nonvoter.”

Here’s why one anonymous caller isn’t going to vote:

“I know that I don’t vote—I haven’t voted in the last two years—because I know there’s a lot at stake. Because of that, it makes it hard to make a decision.

“The news outlets on our TVs don’t give us any information. They focus on very shallow things, race and whatnot, and it’s not what’s most important on people’s minds. They don’t give us meat or substance. They don’t say this person voted for this, this is this person’s track record and allow us to vote off of that.

“A lot of us work. I work two jobs. I don’t have the Internet. I can’t afford it. So I can’t go and look up people’s voting records. Where do you go to find this information? To see what these candidates really do with their power instead of just what they say they do through little snippets of commercials?

“When we can get that done, I’ll vote. Because then I can vote with a good conscience and not just pick somebody based on stupid reasons.”
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