Not In My Backyard

Laura Sanchez
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Cadigan moved a bill to prohibit subdivisions from restricting the use of solar collectors. The bill passed unanimously.
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At the Oct. 4 meeting, councilors debated what will or will not be allowed in various neighborhoods. Councilor Isaac Benton moved an administration bill putting a six-month moratorium on adult businesses Downtown. The bill passed unanimously.

Seven current and former clients of the Youth in Transition (YIT) program for homeless teenagers praised the service. YIT Executive Director Donna Rowe also asked for support, saying about 1,000 teens in Albuquerque have no place to stay each night. Councilors asked Valorie Vigil, director of the Family and Community Services Department, what was available for homeless teens. Vigil said nothing specifically, and discussed the legal problems associated with the city providing services to homeless teens that are not "emancipated" from parental control.

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