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Odds & Ends

Devin D. O'Leary
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Dateline: Canada

Workers at a fast food restaurant in Saskatoon fled after a patron threw a live snake behind the counter during an argument over diced onions. According to the Saskatoon Police Service, two 20-year-old men entered the Tim Hortons restaurant, a “fast casual” dining chain known for its coffee and doughnuts, on the morning of Monday, Dec. 8. The two began arguing with staff over sandwich toppings. Apparently, the two were demanding chopped onions rather than sliced onions. As the argument escalated, one of the men reached into his friend’s coat pocket, pulled out a live snake and threw it at employees. According to the police, no one was injured, but several employees did flee the store. “Obviously, [the workers] were very frightened,” police spokesperson Alyson Edwards told the CBC. “There was quite a lot of screaming going on.” Police were summoned at about 7:30am. They located the two suspects nearby and took them into custody on charges of mischief and causing a disturbance. The snake was removed from the restaurant and was determined to be a non-venomous garter snake. Police said the snake was unharmed and would be released into the wild come spring.

Dateline: South Korea

The daughter of Korean Air’s chairman has resigned from her post as “vice president in charge of cabin service,” after she went nuts over some nuts in first class. Cho Hyun-ah’s freakout became news around the world after she delayed a flight from New York to Incheon, South Korea, over some improperly served nuts. Ms. Cho was sitting in the airplane’s first-class cabin when she was given a packet of macadamia nuts by a flight attendant. She called over the chief purser and berated him for not serving the nuts in a bowl. According to Cho, the purser responded with “lies and excuses.” Deciding that the purser was “incapable,” Cho ordered the plane to return to the gate at New York’s JFK airport. The plane was already on the runway preparing for takeoff. The flight was delayed for about 10 minutes while the purser disembarked. The 40-year-old Cho’s behavior caused a furor in South Korea, with many news outlets calling for her ouster. The
Dong-A Ilbo newspaper said Ms. Cho’s actions exposed the “sense of entitlement and supercilious attitude” of South Korea’s superrich, adding, “Apparently some members of owner families like Cho see their companies like their own kingdoms.” South Korea’s biggest airline earlier apologized for the “inconvenience” to passengers but defended Cho’s actions as a “reasonable” move to improve in-flight service. After Korean Air tycoon Cho Yang-ho accepted his daughter’s resignation, a company spokesperson clarified that Ms. Cho would keep her title of vice president even though she no longer holds any official role and has no more responsibilities within the company. No word on whether she’ll keep her salary as well.

Dateline: Wisconsin

When in doubt, blame it on the fish. According to a story in the
Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, a 75-year-old man facing his 10th drunk driving charge told a deputy he hadn’t been drinking; he just smelled like alcohol because he had been eating beer-battered fish. John H. Przybyla was pulled over at 2:27pm on Oct. 12 by an Adams County deputy who saw him make a U-turn in the middle of Highway 13. The deputy followed the vehicle, checked the license plate and found out it belonged to Przybyla—who has a revoked driver’s license. After pulling the vehicle over, the officer asked Przybyla how much he had been drinking. Przybyla replied he had not been consuming alcohol, but had just been at a fish fry on Highway 82 eating beer-battered fish. The deputy arrested Przybyla and took him to Moundview Memorial Hospital in Adams. Przybyla refused to take a blood alcohol test, saying it was against his religion. The deputy contacted a court commissioner, who granted a warrant. Przybyla fought against the test and had to be restrained. Przybyla is scheduled to appear in Adams County Court to answer his latest drunk driving charges on Jan. 21.

Dateline: Florida

TCPalm.com reports a 21-year-old man told police in Port St. Lucie he was only masturbating in his yard because his mother wouldn’t let him watch porn in the house anymore. Shortly after 1pm on Nov. 14, Martin County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home in the Port St. Lucie suburb of Stuart for a report of a nude man. When a sheriff’s lieutenant pulled up, he spotted 21-year-old Anthony Smith “bending down naked in the driveway.” According to the police report, “the suspect then stood up and ran back to his home next door.” Once he got dressed, Smith told deputies his mother won’t let him watch pornography in the house. He told them he now walks naked outside and hopes someone sees him, an experience he likened to a “high.” Smith was arrested on an exposure of sexual organs charge.

Compiled by Devin D. O'Leary. Email your weird news to devin@alibi.com.

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